Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dogo encounter, Argentine hospital blessing

Ok [since last week's letter was deleted] ill write the letters in a Word document first. Sorry about last week. I was so mad at the dang computer. First it was myldsmail, then the computer just shut off. Ha I was kinda grouchy but o well that's in the past. I don't know if you got some of the pics I sent last week. So sorry if I send some of the same ones. Did you get the email that had the explanations or the other one? If not the ones of the family are of Luis and Leandro and some others in their family.
OK I gotta get started with this letter because I had 2 crazy experiences this past week. First we were going over to this one family's house for dinner and when we got there we clapped and realized. "Hey they have a dogo"-- This is a very large white dog that's illegal in the states for being too aggressive. I personally like them cuz they look pretty cool but i would never want to get in a fight with one. Anyway the guy came out to let us in for dinner, the dogo had been barking at us ever since we got there. He was like, "that's so weird. He never barks or growls at anyone" So we enter the house as the guy has the dog by the collar and the dog tries to get in pulling the member with him and knocks something over. I lunge to catch it only to realize I am 2 inches away from this killer dogs mouth. So I tried not to make any sudden movements and just tried to move back very slowly. Well the dogo just goes crazy and tries to get me! Thank goodness the member still had him by the collar. I could have lost an appendage that day! So ya. The member just kept saying how weird it was that the dog did that and how its usually such a calm dog . Ha! Just like my bad luck that I'm the only one it doesn't like. Ha o well.
The next day as we are making our way to an appointment, my comp received a call on the cell phone. It was a member asking us to come to the hospital to give a blessing. My comp said no cuz we had an appointment. He then told me the members husband was in a coma. So I stopped and told my companion that we gotta go. If we don't I wont be able to live with myself especially if he died. So we started making our way to the hospital and my comp began to tell me how he was kinda scared and how I would have to do the blessing. So i was like OK. So we got there and the member was not looking very good. He was kinda old and just not looking too good. So I gave the blessing and right after amen I just had a feeling that this guy was gunna die. That kinda depressed me but we did all we could do. So ya that's my first experience at a hospital in Argentina, very gross looking with dogs hanging around and everything.
Gotta go love you all
Elder schupple

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 09 pictures


Luis, Leandro, myself, Elder Jensen

Our district on P-day without the sister missionaries

Monday, May 4, 2009

4 new investigators--2 baptisms in old area--Mothers Day call time!

I wasn't really sure what was going on in those pics but that's OK. Whose jeep? Sorry to tell you this, but I dont have any pics this week--no time, a new area and all that jazz I'm getting to know my way around. But hey the new area is great, the ward is really big, we found 4 new investigators that are going to get baptized in no time. Oh the baptisms we had last week in my other area are Johanna Virginia and Sebastion-- FYI. Ummmm ha! Hey congrats Jackie on the old drivers license. I am really excited to call you guys this week.
Thats pretty much it. Hope all is well and i'll talk to you all on Sunday.
elder schupple

p.s. OK call time... I will try to call at 4 o'clock Argentina time. I think that's 2 o'clock your time but I'm not really sure you will prob want to check that.... but 4 my time :)