Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Thursday, July 30, 2009

One year down! One year to Go!

[Here's a little picture memento that his mom put together and sent to Elder Schupple commemorating his one year mark on his mission]

Monday, July 27, 2009

Great exhausting 1st week as a Sr. Comp

When I read the email [about his friend Kara--who was recently in a serious car accident] from dad it scared me a lot and made me kinda sick to my stomach. But I've been silently praying for her all day and feel a little better and comforted. I would appreciate updates tho. I think if i didn't know, it would distract me more. I will be sure to be fasting for her and praying for her. Tenga fe y todo va ser bien. I am sure she will pull thru and be fine. Shes one of the strongest girls I know and I cant imagine her mission in this world being over yet. She just has too much to offer. So send her my love and have faith. Send her family my love too.

As for this past week, it was way crazy. Tuesday and Wed it was way cold and rainy, so that made the work kinda hard. Every contact and almost every appointment we had cancelled or just said it was too cold and rainy, so that wasn't much of a welcome for my new companion to Ezeiza. But the Lord always blesses us for our works. The next couple days have been great. We did pretty good number wise this past week. It was exhausting but really rather fun because we have been having spiritual experiences and success and everything. We have been visiting this lady named Christina who really wants to get baptised but is living with the father of her baby and feels cant leave because she doesn't have anywhere to go. Its been almost a year since the missionaries found her, tried finding her another house and tried teaching the guy so they could get married. But he never wanted anything to do with us cuz he has his church that he goes to. Anyway this past week we went by and he stayed at the table as we taught and we had a discussion that lasted for about a half hour. It was pretty cool watching his walls break down and agree to start listening to the discussions and come to our church because he realizes he has just been stubborn. Now he realizes he could have an eternal family, so I'm way excited to go back this Wed and see how things are going with him.
On another note, Rosa is slowly quiting smoking. She's down to 2 cigs a day which is way good considering she smoked like packs a day for 30 years. She now wants to mend broken bridges with her only son and wants him to come to her baptism and then listen to the discussions. So its been way good over here. I'm excited and looking forward to this next week. Our schedule is already almost full and the week just started :) Its good stuff.

As for my companion, it was a difficult first couple days because i could not understand him. You know those people who speak softly and mumble and don't pronounce the last half of words? Well that's pretty much him. Ha! So it was kinda difficult the first couple days and it made me feel kinda stupid or discouraged because I was like, "Dang it, I've been out for a year and still I don't understand????!!!!!!!! But when some of the members didn't understand him either it made me feel a whole lot better. Other than that hes a way great kid-- convert about a year and a half ago and already on a mission. Hes the only member in his family and loves singing. Before the mission working out in the gym... ha! Other than that, he pretty much just has a love for cars and the gospel, so its great stuff. I'm enjoying my 2nd latin. Hes from ViƱa del Mar Quinta Region Chile. Way good stuff.

We were visiting this inactive family this past week and they were telling us all their problems, and it just strengthened my testimony of staying in the church. Heavenly father is waiting to bless us, if we are living up to our end he will live up to his and bless us in his time D&C 82:10. God lives! This much i am sure of and that he loves us.
Love you all
elder schupple
P.S.... good job mom on working with the missionaries muy bien hecho.

Monday, July 20, 2009

TRANSFERS! Sr. Comp with Elder Calderon/Staying in Ezeiza!

My new companion: Elder Calderon from Chile!

Elder Jensen completed his mission and was leaving for home!

Ha!... sorry i didn't write much last week. I was on exchanges with a zone leader from another zone because last week was the week all the elders going home went to the capital and temple plus last week we just didn't have much time to write home because we couldn't find a cyber (computer place) cuz everything was closed. This past week was fun sad and all around kinda interesting. So it started out last Sunday we had a baptism which was great but at first it wasn't going very well. We ran out of water for the font so it was only a little full, luckily the girl was short. Then the dad said his white pants didn't fit so we had to run back to our house to get my baptism pants for him....which turned out to be quite the experience. However, things finally worked out. After that it was a pretty smooth week with us going to all our investigators and members so my companion could say goodbye to everyone. He had just completed his mission and was leaving for home this next transfer. HA one thing that happened that was funny was when we went over to Rosa's house, this semi old single lady. She asked me if I had a girlfriend and I said I did but she dropped me. She got so mad all of a sudden and started saying what a mean girl and how I should give her phone number to her so she could call her up and chew her out*! This made me chuckle just thinking about this lady calling the states and chewing this sweet girl out in Spanish*! Ha the poor girl prob wouldn't even know what was going on! Luckily I calmed her down and said how it was OK and how everyone has their agency (I likened the topic back to the lesson) and how if we trust in the lord everything will work out. So that was funny.
I have a new companion called Elder Calderon from Chile. He has been out 8 months in the mission and is a convert, which is just what I wanted for some reason. So I'm way excited to start working with him here in Ezeiza. There is a picture of him in the email. For some reason yahoo will only let me open one account right now so I'm sending them thru ldsmail. So hope it works. This next coming week should be fun cuz now I get to call the shots as senior companion. It'll be interesting. Almost everyone I talk to says their first transfer as Sr comp was the hardest they ever worked in their mission. So we´ll see how it goes. :) I'm excited.
This past week as we were going by peoples houses saying goodbye for Elder Jensen, it made me grateful for my eternal family, and how its always nice to have a support system when you're down. Thanks for the package mom. I'll be looking for it. You really don't have to send packages though. The dearelder pouch letters are more than enough. But igual I'm grateful for whatever you send me.
espero que todo bien con todos y que dios bendigas
te amo y te quiero mucho
Elder Schupple

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Swine flu quarantine/church cancelled for 3 weeks

Hi everyone! 'Hope your week was great. Over here its been kinda crazy. There has been a big scare of this disease they call gripe A [swine flu], they say its even bigger in the states but sometimes people just say stuff like that. Well its getting crazy down here. Apparently people are dieing from this thing. They are closing down big stores and stuff like that. Then this past week when we were with our bishop he received a call from the stake president saying that church is being cancelled for at least 3 weeks until the disease has settled down. Apparently its like that all over the mission. So for like the first time in my life I just didn't go to church. It was really weird just working this Sunday morning. So we just had our own little sacrament meeting as a district and that was that. It is a crazy dumb thing cuz now our investigators cant go to church which they really need to do or we cant baptize them. So its a bummer down here but we are doing the best we can do without church.
This past week we went to one of our investigators house and they were having problems in their family getting along so we decided to teach about prayer and how much of a difference it can make in the family. We told them to start praying as a family, and also personally by everyone going to their room to pray. The parents pray together then everyone says their personal prayer :) Tons of prayer! I'm positive we will go back to a much nicer environment this next week. So ya that's pretty much it. Hope every things going great over there.
love you all
elder schupple