Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TRANSFERS-- Still in Platanos but with new comp: Elder Chavez from Chile

my district

cute little chubby boy

a baptismal fecha that has to get married

a member thats going on a mission (hes the only member in his family and they are really against him serving a mission, and I kinda gave him my extra suit the one that was too big for me cuz hes taller than me and it fit him well so ya hope thats ok.)

me and elder palmer being tired

the bishop

a folklore dance they did for the ward activity

a big stand for saint gauchito gil direct translation of that name is "little cowboy jerk". Ya hes the devil.

arocha family

an old train in the rich part of town,

mendoza family members

a cute kid

a cute kid and the mission leader

coca cola in 3 liters and in glass returnable bottle
...and thats all my time so I'll have to label more next week.

Transfers today!  And as it turns out Elder Palmer left hahaha!  I was really excited to stay.  The Arocha family is getting married on May 7 then getting baptized the 8.  (marriages and divorces here are kinda complicated, it takes a little time.) But ya they will get baptized during this transfer which is awesome.  I'm way excited about that (they are the family that is sitting down in the pic). And ya I would say that Elder Palmer was one of my more favorite comps especially during the 2nd transfer.  We really did well together. My new companion is Elder Chavez from Chile- another Chileano, which is good cuz hes a good kid.  Hes only 18 cuz his dad is the mission pres of the Chile Concepcion Mission, so we are going to have a great transfer, I'm sure of it.
As for this past week, it was a great one.  We didnt end up baptizing but we will in 2 weeks due to conference this week, which btw I'm way excited for. We also had a ward activity, where President Asay came and gave a little talk, so it was really cool. 
The work is rolling along and I'm loving it!  The spirit always reminds me that I'm doing the Lords work.
Love you all
Elder Schupple

P.S. btw this is the new address we are supposed to use so if you could tell everyone to email me at this one that would be great:   austin.schupple@myldsmail.net
Oh and UVU is my choice.  Elder Jones is going to BYU and wanted to know if I wanted to room with him.
Either the water slide park or boating sound fun when I get home, maybe not the canoe trip unless we really want to.
Oh and are you gunna sign me up for classes?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pictures March 2010

Arocha family getting married and baptized before next week's transfer!

So this past week was a pretty good one.  First of all we went over to the Arocha family house again and we were just talking, and they told us that they decided it would be a good idea if they got married (yay) but then the dad said, "Ya in like 3 or 4 months I think we should be able to do it."  Elder palmer and I were like "Oh.... thats great but hey could you guys do it within the next 4 months cuz i go home in August." Then we started talking about how transfers will be coming up on monday and how one of us-- probably Elder Palmer-- will leave the area. Well they were just like "o really?"  Then the dad said, you know you guys have really done a lot for us bringing us the gospel, so as a gift for you and really for us, we are going to get married as soon as we can so we can get baptized while you guys are both still here. The wife pops up (she really wants to get baptized and has wanted to be married for the longest time) and says,  "I'll go take out a date this Monday so we can get married as soon as possible."  We were soo happy and hoping that the other one of us leaves the area but we are pretty sure that Elder Palmer is going to leave. So I'm pretty happy and excited. Ha oh but right before that, the wife pops open her Book of Mormon and says, "Elders I have a doubt...Can God command someone to kill someone?"  I knew exactly what she was talking about-- the part where nephi kills laban-- so ya she was kinda surprised about that but we explained it to her and she was pretty content with the answer although she still thought it was a little shady. So we invited her to pray about our explanation and we´ll see how that goes.  It'll go well, shes great, so I'm not that worried. 
I guess we´ll see what happens next week for transfers.
Love you all lots
Elder Schupple

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Arocha family, Ricardo's investigators and speaking with friends from Ezpeleta

NO I'm not set on BYU-I.  I've been thinking and listening to a bunch of opinions from a bunch of different elders and I think UVU probably will be a better option... easier transition to BYU and all that jazz.
So this past week was pretty crazy, first of all we spent a lot of time looking for Ricardo and luckily we found him and he got confirmed.  Yay! very exciting! So we are all very excited.
As for other investigators,  2 weeks ago Elder Palmer and  we on exchanges with the district; he was in Platanos and I went to Hudson. Anyway when I got back he informed me that they were doing contacts and ran into this family that had been listening to the discussions like 6 years ago, or at least the wife was. They are awesome, she wants to get baptized so bad but needs to get married.  Her son Santino is ten and he loves the discussions.  Then theres the dad who wasnt really interested before and now is!  We are very excited for them they called the Arocha family and they came to stake conference yesterday and liked it a lot.  We were very excited. As for other investigators, the girlfriend of Ricardo who got baptized (shes a member and how we found ricardo) She has been having a bunch of problems lately with sick family and new houses and all that jazz.  Well her parents had been watching/helping her a little with this and they wanted to know how and why she has so much peace in her life in spite of so many problems.  So we are teaching them now and took out a baptismal date for 2 weeks! References are the absolute best way to do missionary work. It really helps a lot.
Yesterday was stake conference and I saw so many old friends from Ezpeleta.  It was so cool actually being able to talk to them because before I didn't know the language yet.  It was really cool. The pic of the dog is just a dog I saw that I thought looked like Toby. Ha!  So ya hope everythings going well over here.  You are all in my prayers.
elder schupple

Monday, March 8, 2010

Thanks for family miracles, Ricardo and his baptism

Oh my goodness! Jackie and Brad didnt even mention  a car accident in their letters.  I am so glad they are ok.  My goodness I am so glad they are both ok.  You are very right when you said miracles exist.  I am very grateful for prayer and that our Father watches over us.
Mom as for schools and stuff, I think BYU Idaho might be my num 1 choice right now with UVU number 2. I talked to Brad and looks like we are going to be rooming together so that'll be fun.
Huge congrats to Brit, Aaron and all the Johnsons!  Twins?!  I'm excited that I'll be there when they nacen? ... get born how do you say that.... dang it
OK so this last week was a pretty crazy week.  First of all we have this guy named Ricardo who was our focus this week cuz he really wanted to get baptized but we hadnt taught him everything yet.  So we taught him every night in the church with a member it was great. But then Friday, the day of his bap interview came around, and he didnt show up. PANIC everyone!   So Elder Palmer and I called him that night but he wasnt home and he doesnt have a cell phone so we decided to go to his house.  He was living with his brother at the time so he and his ¨wife¨ (They aren't married yet but will be soon.  Anyway he lives with his brother so they dont break the law of chastity.   So, his brother lives in another area where I had never been before but we got the address from his wife. So saturday (the day of his baptism) we woke up and left the pinch early so we could find his house and get him to the Elder that needed to do the interview. We took a train to the area where his was, asked directions and walked about 20 blocks looking for his house.  We finally found it and he came out.  YAY!  He told us that he had to travel to Tucuman (another province way north) and had to buy his train ticket last night, so we grabbed him and took him to the elder who was doing his interview.  During this time I called the bishop and told him the baptism was back on and all that jazz. So after the interview it was about lunch time and we decided we would just do the baptism at 6 that night.  So off we went.  We went to our lunch cita and filled up the baptismal font and did some other stuff and 6pm came and he hadn't show up.  Ahhhh stressful!  However he did eventually showed up and got baptized. All that needed to happen was the confirmation the next day in Sac meeting. Here they do the classes first and then Sac meeting last, so we waited for him.  The first class came and went and we called his house.  They said he already left so we just had to wait.  The second class ended and Sac meeting started. It was extremely important that he get confirmed Sunday because next Sunday we cant cuz its Stake Conference and the Sunday after that he will be in Tucuman.  So we were praying really hard. Well sac meeting ended and he didnt come and we were both just sad/worried. So now we have to find him and find out a way to get him confirmed this Sunday.  We have to do a lot for it to happen tho-- permission from the Bishop and Stake President and just a bunch of stuff...Ahhhh stressful! So ya that was pretty much what happened this past week. I finally have a computer that accepts my camera, so heres some pics :)
I love you all and hope all is well, your in my prayers always.
elder schupple