Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TRANSFERS-- Still in Platanos but with new comp: Elder Chavez from Chile

my district

cute little chubby boy

a baptismal fecha that has to get married

a member thats going on a mission (hes the only member in his family and they are really against him serving a mission, and I kinda gave him my extra suit the one that was too big for me cuz hes taller than me and it fit him well so ya hope thats ok.)

me and elder palmer being tired

the bishop

a folklore dance they did for the ward activity

a big stand for saint gauchito gil direct translation of that name is "little cowboy jerk". Ya hes the devil.

arocha family

an old train in the rich part of town,

mendoza family members

a cute kid

a cute kid and the mission leader

coca cola in 3 liters and in glass returnable bottle
...and thats all my time so I'll have to label more next week.

Transfers today!  And as it turns out Elder Palmer left hahaha!  I was really excited to stay.  The Arocha family is getting married on May 7 then getting baptized the 8.  (marriages and divorces here are kinda complicated, it takes a little time.) But ya they will get baptized during this transfer which is awesome.  I'm way excited about that (they are the family that is sitting down in the pic). And ya I would say that Elder Palmer was one of my more favorite comps especially during the 2nd transfer.  We really did well together. My new companion is Elder Chavez from Chile- another Chileano, which is good cuz hes a good kid.  Hes only 18 cuz his dad is the mission pres of the Chile Concepcion Mission, so we are going to have a great transfer, I'm sure of it.
As for this past week, it was a great one.  We didnt end up baptizing but we will in 2 weeks due to conference this week, which btw I'm way excited for. We also had a ward activity, where President Asay came and gave a little talk, so it was really cool. 
The work is rolling along and I'm loving it!  The spirit always reminds me that I'm doing the Lords work.
Love you all
Elder Schupple

P.S. btw this is the new address we are supposed to use so if you could tell everyone to email me at this one that would be great:   austin.schupple@myldsmail.net
Oh and UVU is my choice.  Elder Jones is going to BYU and wanted to know if I wanted to room with him.
Either the water slide park or boating sound fun when I get home, maybe not the canoe trip unless we really want to.
Oh and are you gunna sign me up for classes?

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