Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, August 31, 2009

More baptisms! TRANSFER DAY...staying the same!

Mom that's such a good job for you to be with that little girl. You're sweet, loving and understanding but at the same time expect the best or at least expect the other person to do their part. She seems really sweet and it sounds like you 2 will learn a lot from each other. I'm really happy for you. [Mom got a job as an elementary school teacher's aide for a tiny, precious 8 year old girl who has cerebral palsy]
This past week was great. We were able to baptize both maria and Lucio. It went very smoothly without any drama which is always nice. We were able to teach a whole bunch also. We did divisions twice this week so that always helps us cuz we can be in 2 places at the same time. I'll have to send the pics of the baptism a little later today because I forgot my camera. As for transfers the answer is yes, I am still in Ezeiza with Elder Calderon which is great because we are working great together and I love Ezeiza.
I received your package today with the family calendar in it and went right to April and started laughing. I looked at my comp and said, "I think my mom is trying to get my younger sister married or something." He laughed and said its a good calendar :) Thanks so much I love the pics and the calendar. [To view the calendar go to: http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8AZtGLFm5btm3O ] Thanks so much mom. I'm really not sure what else to write. This past week was pretty usual, nothing exciting happened, but I'll be sure to send the pics today.
Love you all so much!
Thanks for your love and prayers.
elder schupple

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lucio & his car accident just before baptism

Ha! wow crazy stuff happening at home. Congrats Jackie on the first one-on-one date. That's really funny what happened to you. [She went on a date with a guy she met at a tri-stake youth dance who drove 90 minutes to pick her up for a date to 6 Flags amusement park....and who chatted non-stop] I remember something like that happening to me except it was a blind date and the girl didn't even talk to me.
Anyway this past week was crazy. Yesterday we had an appointment with our fecha [our person committed for baptism] who was supposed to get baptized this yesterday at 430 in the church. We got there and started waiting and waiting and waiting... so we tried calling but nobody answered. Eventually the girlfriend answered her phone but she sounded kinda out of it. She told us that right after church they got in a car accident and Lucio, our fecha, was now in the hospital and that an artery in his neck was cut from the accident. So that was kinda rough news. They are in our prayers. This morning when we called them they said they would both be OK. So that was reassuring.
Another thing that happened this past week was when we did this contact with a guy at a bus stop. Right when he called us over I smelled marijuana. Well it turned he was the one that smelled of marijuana but he wants to stop smoking weed. So we got his address and said we would pass by another day. It was interesting.
Here are some pics from last week at the temple and some pretty skies in Buenos Aires.
I'm way excited for the calendar you are sending and everything.
Other than that I got to go. Hope everything is great up there. You're all in my prayers.
Love you all so much
Elder Schupple

Monday, August 17, 2009

3 baptisms this week and more on the way!

Ahhhh I love this country but there are things they need to work on... like getting better Internet places and transportation. OK so this last week was great, but your only going to hear a little bit of it and you'll have to wait till next week for pics because this computer place just doesn't want to accept my camera, and sorry if there are mistakes in this letter--I'm typing without anything coming on the screen so I guess we will see how good my typing skills are. So anyway, this past Sat we baptized 3! woo hoo! I'll send the pics next week. We also went to the temple right before with some of our investigators and it was great except for the part where we got there late and our ward missed their session so we had to wait another 2 hours for them which made us late for our baptism. So that was a little stressful but it turned out really great cuz we baptised and we got to be at the temple in the same day. I love it when things go like this. It just makes you want to stay in the mission forever. We taught pretty much everything to Lucio yesterday and he is way ready for baptism. I just love it! Then we found this other girl-- Maria who has been coming to church with this family but we didn't know she wasn't a member so we haven't been teaching her or anything. I cant remember if this happened last week or this week but anyway we took out a fecha with her for the 29th also! So yay! Its a pretty good life over here the Lord has been blessing us a lot and I'm way grateful for the blessings. Ha another thing is how the lord has been sending us so much food. The members have lunch and sometimes dinner for us every single day this month and its really starting to show on me. So tomorrow Elder Calderon and I are starting to run. Ha! So ya life is so great over here.
I pray for you all every day and I know the lord hears my prayers. I miss you all but i know that you're all OK... or are going to be OK. The lord sends us trials so we can be stronger. I am so grateful for this gospel in my life and that the lord can use me to declare it to his children here in Argentina.
I love you all so much.
elder schupple

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stressful Sunday/Leading the zone in lessons!

Hey everyone! Hope your week was great. Ours was pretty good. This week we should be baptizing 3 and yesterday we took out a fecha with this Lucio guy that we found last week. We have to teach fast because we put his date for the 29 of this month and we can only visit with him on Sunday cuz he works a bunch so that was pretty cool. Dang! Omar didn't come to church yesterday so we gotta go over there and slap him around this next week ;) But Cristina came so that was a good thing. Ha OK so yesterday was an important day because we had a bunch of meetings before and after church where we were supposed to print out a sheet with all of our investigators on it and everything. So we made copies Saturday night and we were prepared and everything was great. The morning rolled around and wouldn't you know it the one day when we have church meetings at 8 in the morning and all that good stuff our alarm decides to die on us! I woke up and looked at my watch and wow!... 8:35 in the morning! So we got ready really fast to just make it in time for sac meeting at 9. Then i realized that I forgot the copies of our investigators. We decided we needed to go back and get those because everyone is always mad if we don't have copies. Ha i was feeling a little bit of stress, and it just seemed like nothing was going my way. So we got back to the apartment and got the copies, my companion went to the bathroom and I said a prayer to calm myself down and make the day better. It worked. Ha when we got back to the church the bishop told us the meeting that we were supposed to present these copies was cancelled because that Sunday in Argentina was kid day or some crazy holiday ...and after that the day just got better and better.
Other than that everything is going pretty great, Elder Calderon and I are leading the zone in lessons. So its good stuff and we are having a good time.
Love you all and I'll send more pics when i take some.
elder schupple

Monday, August 3, 2009

Good week!

hey im just here for a few minutes to send some pics then i gotta go, the last one of the picture, we were at this members house who went on his mission in salta, and i remembered that sis washburn served in arg and i saw this pic and thought it looked a little about her. what do you think? ha and winters coming to an end so reg garments are better but im way close to the temple so when we go as a ward with investigators i just buy them there, they are like a dollar for tops and a dollar for bottoms so about 2 dollars a pair .

We were at a bday party, (one of our fechas) and everyone was just so facinated with us missionaries which was actually pretty good cuz we got some references from it) but then they just shoved this baby at me and started taking pics of me. Ha! the perks of being a gringo :) everyone either admires you or hates you. ha, then the burning of the shirt (elder jensens old shirt :)

we played this risk game last night and i dominated, notice all the black pieces :) then some more burning pics then a sunset tonights pretty sunset

Every one is looking so great and thanks for the updates about Kara. She's been in my prayers. I'm going to write her a letter today but I only have her school address so I guess I'll send it there and hopefully it'll get to Kara somehow.
First of all to answer the questions--Yes I just got my package today so thanks for that. Yes my sleeping bag is warm enough. No I'm not using the liner because it ripped. I'll send pics today from a different computer... for some reason I'm not having luck with computers, so I'll go to the one that always works later because I have a couple pics to send. Quick question--How much does Kara remember? You said she knew who you were and then talked a little about me. Does that mean she doesn't remember me?
As for this past week, we had a great week. First of all we went out on divisions with some members from our ward (I went with this youth who is preparing for a mission and Elder Calderon went with an RM) Ha!.. so we went to this old investigators house to see how he was doing and if he had changed a little (I never liked going to this guys house before because all he likes to do is bash, but we went anyway) So we sat down and Marcelo (the youth) said something about being born in the church and how he knows doctrine pretty well. Well Ramon the investigator just went off on him, telling him how you gain knowledge over the years and how he has more knowledge than this kid. So ya....I kept trying to interrupt to start the lesson but they just went back and forth for a while. So I just thought "Oh well." I finally said we had to go and then Marcelo asked when we could come back. This surprised me cuz I thought he would have had enough.... but nope. So he made a return appointment for Thursday. It was interesting but Marcelo was excited so I guess that's a good thing. I kinda thought it was a waste of time but oh well we learn from our mistakes.
In happier less random news, remember Cristina and her kinda husband? Well his name is Omar and this past week we taught him the first lesson and he came to church. I was so excited. We also got another referral that we taught yesterday that will be a for sure baptism. My goal is just to get him baptized before the next transfer. So ya the work is going very nicely down here I'm very excited for the upcoming week.
Thanks for your love prayers and emails.
elder schupple