Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, August 3, 2009

Good week!

hey im just here for a few minutes to send some pics then i gotta go, the last one of the picture, we were at this members house who went on his mission in salta, and i remembered that sis washburn served in arg and i saw this pic and thought it looked a little about her. what do you think? ha and winters coming to an end so reg garments are better but im way close to the temple so when we go as a ward with investigators i just buy them there, they are like a dollar for tops and a dollar for bottoms so about 2 dollars a pair .

We were at a bday party, (one of our fechas) and everyone was just so facinated with us missionaries which was actually pretty good cuz we got some references from it) but then they just shoved this baby at me and started taking pics of me. Ha! the perks of being a gringo :) everyone either admires you or hates you. ha, then the burning of the shirt (elder jensens old shirt :)

we played this risk game last night and i dominated, notice all the black pieces :) then some more burning pics then a sunset tonights pretty sunset

Every one is looking so great and thanks for the updates about Kara. She's been in my prayers. I'm going to write her a letter today but I only have her school address so I guess I'll send it there and hopefully it'll get to Kara somehow.
First of all to answer the questions--Yes I just got my package today so thanks for that. Yes my sleeping bag is warm enough. No I'm not using the liner because it ripped. I'll send pics today from a different computer... for some reason I'm not having luck with computers, so I'll go to the one that always works later because I have a couple pics to send. Quick question--How much does Kara remember? You said she knew who you were and then talked a little about me. Does that mean she doesn't remember me?
As for this past week, we had a great week. First of all we went out on divisions with some members from our ward (I went with this youth who is preparing for a mission and Elder Calderon went with an RM) Ha!.. so we went to this old investigators house to see how he was doing and if he had changed a little (I never liked going to this guys house before because all he likes to do is bash, but we went anyway) So we sat down and Marcelo (the youth) said something about being born in the church and how he knows doctrine pretty well. Well Ramon the investigator just went off on him, telling him how you gain knowledge over the years and how he has more knowledge than this kid. So ya....I kept trying to interrupt to start the lesson but they just went back and forth for a while. So I just thought "Oh well." I finally said we had to go and then Marcelo asked when we could come back. This surprised me cuz I thought he would have had enough.... but nope. So he made a return appointment for Thursday. It was interesting but Marcelo was excited so I guess that's a good thing. I kinda thought it was a waste of time but oh well we learn from our mistakes.
In happier less random news, remember Cristina and her kinda husband? Well his name is Omar and this past week we taught him the first lesson and he came to church. I was so excited. We also got another referral that we taught yesterday that will be a for sure baptism. My goal is just to get him baptized before the next transfer. So ya the work is going very nicely down here I'm very excited for the upcoming week.
Thanks for your love prayers and emails.
elder schupple

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