Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baptism/ Cristian Osorio

Hey fam!

Sorry I didnt write yesterday but no worries. We changed a few things and we are doing internet today. But anyway this week was a great week. We had a baptism. His name is Cristian Osorio and he was the one who had to stop smoking which he did. woo hoo! So here are the pics of that. I hope you enjoy them. I am so sorry to hear that Aunt Donna died. My companion's aunt also died this past week, so we are kinda mourning together. I am so grateful for the plan of salvation. It got me thinking how she and Grandma Paula are now reunited in the spirit world. How nice for her to finally get to rest.
Other than the baptism this past week we had a good week. Another investigator named Rosa came to the baptism and now she really wants to get baptized. So thats always exciting. She has to stop smoking too so we will be helping her a lot but shes great. I'm sure if she keeps praying she will feel the spirit and thats really the only way she will be able to stop smoking in time for her baptism date. So ya. Hope everything works out so you can go to AZ together. You are all in my prayers. Remember to be obedient to everything and the lord will bless you .
Elder Schupple

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rough week/expecting baptism this next week

Wow sounds like a lot has been hapening at home.
This week was kind of a rough week. One of those weeks when I just wanted to throw my hands up and say, "Forget it, I just wanna go home." Ha it was a really depressing feeling but I'm better now. One of our golden investigators ran away from her husband with her kid. So ya that kind of depressed us. After that day I got sick. I think my fever was making me cranky because I was kind of mean to my companion this week which made me mad at myself because I dont like being mean especially to friends. Then one of our other investigators got her baptismal fecha moved back cuz she cant stop smoking. But that happens so we just have to keep on helping her. Then I got even sicker and fell asleep for the entire day which wasnt so fun but o well. So it was just a bunch of little things this week that got to me but luckily prayer helps a bunch.
On the good side we might baptize this week if Cristian has stopped smoking by Thursday. So we will see. Pray for him to stop smoking! Thanks for all your prayers.
Love you guys so much. Have a great week.
Elder Schupple

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stake Conference with Pres Eyring & Elder Perry

Sounds like girls camp came at the right time. It is a nice break for you just to get away and do your thing. Challenges come to help us we just have to find what we need to do better. It was so great to hear about Scotty's fare well talk. Sounds like hes doing great and I'm sure he will be a great missionary. This week was pretty good. This new investigator we have is great. Shes the wife of an inactive guy. Shes 17 and hes 23 and they already have an 8 month year old kid. Wow huh? I thought that was pretty crazy. That's only a year older than Jackie. So ya but shes way awesome. Her name is Micaela. Could someone tell me how to work this chip you sent me so i can see the videos because its not working even on the computer. So help please. I wanna see them. Yesterday was stake conference and we had it via satelite and Pres Eyring and

Elder Perry spoke to us. It was way cool to have that just for us. Hope everyone is doing well back at home. Don't forget to pray and read your scriptures and go to the temple.

love Elder Schupple

P.S. ha ya that is me but i have no idea what is on my lip. [Another missionary mom posted some pictures of the last transfer meeting. She and her husband were down in Argentina picking up their son who had finished his mission]

Her lens is prob dirty or something cuz thats def me but i didnt have anything on my lip and ill work on the pics. [referring to the last set of birthday pictures...I (mom) had asked him to resend them because he sent them as thumbnail size]

Monday, June 8, 2009

Transfers! Staying to the end of Elder Jensen

Birthday pictures!

Ha! Those family devotionals are probably nicer without me mumbling and grumbling! Ha sorry about all those times. Anyway this has been a crazy week. Elder Jensen and I have been traveling all over the place because yes this last week was the last week before transfers, and elder Jensen is the district leader so he was doing a lot of baptismal interviews. That's pretty much what we did all week long. Our datos didn't look very good because we hardly got to work in our area this week. I had to go on a couple exchanges with the other elders so that one of them could be there waiting for the interview to finish and 2 of us could go work. So I got to work just not in my area. Oh well. SO yes I am going to be with elder Jensen till the end. The good news is that he doesn't have much time to be trunky because we have like 6 people he wants to baptize before he goes home. So don't worry. We are going to working nice and hard. Well sorry but not much else happened this week. Hopefully next week I'll have more for yawl. Hope all is well with everyone.
elder schupple

Monday, June 1, 2009

May 09 pictures

This is how we wash our garments...everything else we take to a cleaner and they take care of it for us. Esta bien!

Impressed to ask/ It's freezing down here!

Mom your eye doesn't look so good. Make sure you wear your helmet and be careful of those shady flower picking guys on the bike trails. I'm glad your OK. [Mom had a biking accident while trying to avoid a guy picking flowers who stepped into her passing lane at the last minute. She hit a big hole and did a face plant in the dirt...the result was a very big black eye]
This past week not much happened. We went over to a new investigators house and we were just going to read the Book of Mormon with him, but as we were reading and talking about what we were reading i got the impression to take out a fecha [ask for a commitment to be baptized]. I started getting nervous but remembered that Preach my Gospel told us to be bold but not over bearing. So I did at the end of the chapter. We talked about it [the Book of Mormon] a little more and asked him if he believed it was true and if he would like to be baptized. He said ya right away. It was kinda cool, the spirit was really strong.
Let me tell you, it is getting freezing down here. Our apartment is not warm and every time I take off my coat I start shivering. But oh well hopefully the winter will pass quickly .

Mom I cant figure out how to see the videos on the memory card for the camera. On the computer it just says its in mp4 format and cant be read even on the computer. So that's kinda been getting me down. But I love all the pics :) thanks so much!
Love you all
Elder Schupple