Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, March 30, 2009

Big guns scare/ Luis and the WoW

Wow sounds like a crazy week. OK first of all I am at the train station in a different area waiting for the trains to get fixed. The computer I am using is very expensive so I wont be here for long but when I get back to my area I'll be sure to send pics from this past week. If you happen to get this email before the next one with pics could you send me 2 recipes of American food and one recipe of a cake, just chocolate will be fine. We are having a international food missionary experiment that our bishop wants to do. So ya something other than pizza, hamburgers and regular stuff would be good cuz they have all the regular stuff. So ya I couldn't think of what to make. Thanks....oh and fluffy pancakes if you could :)
So this past week was pretty crazy for me too. Had some good stuff and bad stuff. First of all I went on exchanges with the zone leaders this past week and when we got to our lunch appointment, the lady feeding us was really shaken up and looked really worried. So we asked her what was wrong and she started telling us the story of her morning. Turns out she got a call from her sister that morning telling her that the night before her x-husband beat her and raped her, and at that moment she was trapped in the house with her x-husband cuz he wouldn't let her go. She wouldn't call the police cuz she was too scared. So when her nephew and boyfriend found out about this they were both furious with good reason, and both grabbed ¨big guns¨ and went to kill the x-husband. The sister who received the call, called the nephew and boyfriend and told them she escaped and went to the coast which is like 3 hours away. So instead of going to the house where the lady was trapped they headed to the coast. Which was smart cuz the boyfriend has a baptismal date and if he killed this guy that could cause some serious problems with the law and with the baptism. So we offered our help but there was nothing we could really do. So we left. We called back that night and it turns out she escaped and was with the police and lawyers. So that was a pretty crazy lunch appointment. In better news, Luis is awesome. The first week he went to church the gospel doctrine topic in class was the word of wisdom. This past week a talk was given on the same thing (we haven't taught the word of wisdom yet) so i was kinda nervous. That night we talked to him and he said that the week before he quit smoking (BY HIMSELF!) He is so awesome! We just have to get his papers from Paraguay so we can marry him and his live in girl friend Samantha and then get him baptized.
So do you remember that sweet villa? Well someone got shot and killed the other day right across the street from a couple of our investigators. So the next day we had an appointment with those investigators and we were a little hesitant at first but we figured there were people who wanted to hear our message so we went anyway. There were a lot of cops and everything so it was ok.
love you all elder schupple

Monday, March 23, 2009

Luis story, first talk in church in Spanish

Wow sounds like a lot is going on over there in the states and soon to be China. Congrats Dad and Brian on the business. And ya mom I would love to see engagement pics of my friends. Congrats to Brad and Kristin for moving the wedding date up. This past week was good. I found out a little about the life of Luis. To start off, we were at their house teaching lesson 2 and asked Luis to read a little paragraph. He read it a little slow but i thought it was fine. After he finished reading, the girl hes living with (not married yet...ya.. problem) laughed and said "Hey Luis when are you going to learn how to read?" Right away Elder Aponte and I started saying how he did a fine job reading it and stuff like that but shoot I couldn't believe she would say something like that in front of us and her whole family. So after the lesson Luis walked us to the bus stop cuz it was kinda late and that area isn't very safe at that time of night. So I decided to pry a little in his life. So I started asking him how long he knew and had been living with Samantha. He said for about 3 years. So I asked him why they didn't get married. He told me its cuz she didn't trust him because he didn't know his parents and because she didn't know if he would be a loving father (they already have a kid). When I heard that I couldnt believe it cuz he is seriously one of the greatest guys I've ever met. After that he began telling me about his life. How by the time he was five years old he lived in the streets of a city in Paraguay looking in dumpsters for food and looking for work. When he became a teenager got into drugs but quit when he was sixteen. He then lied about his age to join the army and said that was one of the best times of his life cuz they fed them so much. After that he moved here when he was 19, and found a job in construction working from 6 to 6 everyday except Sunday. He met Samantha and now they have a kid. Another reason they can't get married is because his papers are still in Paraguay (he cant get baptized until they get married and its extremely difficult to get papers from Paraguay, so everyone pray for that please). So ya I could hardly believe this poor guys life> Its a miracle the drugs, when he was so young, didn't mess him up. But ya hes great and he's grateful for everything.
In other news I gave my first talk in Spanish this past Sunday. It was about getting members to help the missionaries. I thought i did a good job.
Sorry no pics this week. Next week for sure.
love you all
Elder Schupple

Monday, March 16, 2009

Transfers today! Staying put in Avellaneda with Elder Aponte!

Cell phone robbery attempt/ God provides!

Im sorry mom... but getting a tracting picture is just too hard. We would have to find someone to take the picture and coordinate it right and all that stuff and we just don't have time for that stuff. The work must go forth. Sorry. If the opportunity comes up and i have my camera i will be sure to take the picture. Do you remember the email you sent me about elder Livingston(Question mark cuz this computer doesn't have one). Well i don't know him but i lived with his trainer for 4 weeks this last transfer because his trainer extended and was in my apt. So ya in a very wierd way i kinda know him....In other news transfers were today and i am with elder aponte for another 6 weeks so that' ll be good for my castellano. In other news this past week as we were going into that sweet villa that i was telling you about. This 20 year old kid came up to us and asked us if we had any change and like always we said no and started walking away. But when he asked us this Elder Aponte grabbed our cell phone (which he hides in his pants....) so this guy asks him what he has in his pants and Elder Aponte started walking really fast. Well the guy just runs past me and grabs my comp and tries to get the cell phone (which is in my comps pants by the way) So ya they were struggling a little. Then 2 seconds later when i realized what was going on (it didn't click for some reason that he was trying to rob my comp of his cell phone) I grabbed the guys arm and was just like "dude what are you doing?" He looked at me and walked away. Poor Elder Aponte was so scared for the rest of the day. I felt really sorry for him cuz he wouldn't talk or anything.... poor kid. So ya that was that. In other news yesterday morning we went to pick up Luis and his family to go to church along with another investigator that lives in that area. But when we got there we woke everyone up they came up with an excuse not to go. It had rained the day before and when it rains here pretty much everything shuts down. So ya one of the kids had to work and everyone had something they had to do along with the other investigator in that area. So it was looking like it was gunna be a long day. BUT!!!!! when we do everything we can God will always do his part and help us. So we showed up to church (15 mins late cuz our bus was way late) and we found 3 new investigators in the chapel! So that was a pretty nifty awesome blessing! Well the time has come and gone and I have to go.
'Love you all and thanks for your emails and letters and everything!
Elder Schupple

Monday, March 9, 2009

Success with Luis and family!

Ha! Wow ya that's a bummer that happened to brad and yes I got the package and loved all the pictures and letters. I don't really need anything right now but when I do I'll make sure to tell you but thanks for offering. You guys are driving to Arizona? in the Toyota? Oh no probably the Kia. Wow that's way fun and I hope that's fun. Send pics :)
OK so this past week was really good, we found this inactive family that hasn't been to church in 20 years and now some of the kids have husbands and kids. So we were teaching the family when Luis, one one of the new husbands, came in and at first didn't seem like he was interested at all. But we still left him with a Book of Mormon and he said he would read 3 nefi 11 along with the rest of the family. I didn't really think he would read but the next time we went over to visit the family he was the only one who had read and he had some great questions. Along with those questions we found out that he started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning and is really liking it. We invited the family to come to church and they were all a little hesitant but then Luis said ya he would really like to see what its like. So after that the one of the sisters that hadn't been baptized wanted to go too, then the brother and pretty much everyone said they would go. So Sunday rolls around and we were waiting in the capilla (church) for them. The meeting was about to start so we went in and took our seats by the door. I kept looking out the door for the first 20 minutes of the meeting then just figured "OK they aren't going to come." Then 10 mins later in comes Luis! Yay!! He stayed for the rest of the meetings and said he really liked it, and wanted to come again with his wife and the other family members who didn't come because they were all sleeping. So ya it was a great week cuz we found him and a couple others.
so ya it was a good week and those pics of Kayla's and dads bday are so cute.
le amo siempre (I love you always)
Elder Schupple

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet villa ready for the gospel

This week was a great week, we found this new villa that was right in the middle of our area but we had never even heard of it cuz its not on our map or anything. We were walking one day trying to find the house of an inactive member but just couldn't find it and we just happened to walk into this villa. Its one of the sweetest looking villas I have ever seen. I'll have to go take a pic with a disposable camera because its seriously pretty sweet looking. Anyway while we were in this villa we happened to find a bunch of people that wanted to listen to what our church has to offer. Along with that we found the inactive family, and ya its crazy because they haven't been to church in 20 years so now there are kids and new spouses that have no idea what we teach. So I am way excited for this upcoming week. In not so good news we are having some hard times with some of our other investigators. They just wont progress, so ya we are trying to figure out how we can teach differently or something that will help them progress. Anyway hope everything is going well over there. Happy bday dad and kayla! te amo!
love you all
elder schupple
ps yes i got the package today and no I cant re size my pants but I have smaller ones because 2 elders just left and gave me their newer ones so esta bien!
thanks! te amo todo chao