Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, November 24, 2008

Being grateful and Eating intestines

Ahhh I'm sorry this is going to be a shorter letter and ya I'm trying to send pics thru this but it looks like it only allows one at a time so ill send a couple and i sent one to Brit so ask her for that one. These pics are of this place we ate at today, it was the nicest and most expensive place I've eaten at so far and ya the food was really good except that i had cow intestines. It was terrible it took like ten mins to chew and had creamy stuff inside i thought i was going to throw up so that was a bummer.

But now i can say I've eaten cow intestines. I had the opportunity to have blood sausage too but decided against it cuz I was still a little woozy from eating the cow intestines. The other pics are of this kid who thinks hes a dinosaur and goes "rrror" all day so I started doing it back so now he loves me and out of the blue he just says why are you doing this too? I was like uh because I'm a dinosaur. I guess he liked that answer cuz after that he just got way intense and kept doing his thing. The last ones are of this inactive family's crazy lizard. Hope you get them all. Ya I got your packages. They were a little rat eaten but hey no big deal. I got them on Friday and they are both almost gone. Ha the other elders in my apartment went crazy when they saw it and I've given a lot of it away. Ha the war heads are fun to give to the kids here. Their faces are great. I have one left and want to get one of them on camera. In other news the investigators have been coming along wonderfully. We decided to move Maria and her son Alan baptisms back until their husband/dad comes back after Christmas. So we are gonna try to baptize him right after them. Estella was pushed back cuz she has work everyday so its hard to teach her but they come to church so todo bien and we have another family that we found that we are going to be taking out fechas (baptism commitments) with this next week so :) Ya everything is going great here.

Holy freak Brad! When I heard that hes actually pursuing I almost fell out of my chair and wow! Ha congrats I guess. Suerte good luck.

I've learned a lot from my new comp, like how I'm in one of the richest areas there is here. He was telling me about his last area, where the members and people had houses made from pieces of wood and garbage bags. Th other elders I came out with from the MTC say they have cockroaches in their pinches (apartments). So I am way grateful for my blessings. And good news your prayers have helped so much. The hemorrhoids are gone! So thanks everyone so much. Love,

Elder Schupple

Pictures--MTC and Argentina OCT 2008


Monday, November 17, 2008

Elder Backman--gordo Elder S--skinny

Wow looks like moms b-day week end was fun times. Man I love all the pics. Tell Jackie that her skirt is way to short and I like her hair highlights. Send a pic of her kiss or didn't you get a pic of that? Goodness stay away from the boys Jackie. And I'm confused does Kristen like Brad or the guy that went on the rafting trip with us? Cuz from the looks of the pics you sent me I'd say the other guy. Whatev, so is Brad dating or whats the deal? I love Natalie's dyed hair but it looks like both she and brit cut their hair! So much for the length contest for when i get home. jk. Anyway everyone looks way good, and it sounds like you had an awesome bday so thats good. Shoot! Flying an airplane? dagum! As for me, I'm good. The hemorrhoids wont go away so that's a bummer, and i have a sore throat that really hurts at night, so that keeps me up a little but that's ok. The shoes are great thanks so much. As for my companion, hes good too. Its been a different week. He does things a little different than Elder Tingey but thats ok. Elder Backman is from Wyoming and is a little heavier. Ha we were at a members house yesterday having lunch and they were just making him the butt of every joke and just really making fun of him. Every time hed grab an empanada they would make fun of how fat he was, the poor guy. So ya we get a lot more "he gordo" comments in the street. So now Im the skinny one in the relationship.
We were at a different members house and this old lady asked for a blessing cuz she was sick, so i did the annointing and elder backman gave the blessing. Well when he finished she started breathing really fast. the first thing that came to my minda was "Oh crap we were supposed to help her get better and here we go and kill her." Luckily she didnt die and we went on our merry way. I gotta go now but i have a question, how am i supposed to charge the ipod?
thanks again!
Love elder schupple

Monday, November 10, 2008

Transfers! 3rd companion--Elder Backman-- Baptism date!

Happy Bday mom and good news! All the pics I've taken are on the way :) There are a whole bunch of the MTC with all the elders from my zone... so ya kinda boring but then there are some of Argentina... so Yay! :)
In other news transfers were this week. I stayed in the same area but Elder Tingey left :( Choa Pappy! Now I have a very happy, out going companion named Elder Backman. I'm excited he only has 9 months in the mission so hes not as trunky as Elder Tingey was. Ha!.. just a side note this last transfer in our apartment we had an elder with 1 transfer left, an elder with 2 left then Tingey with 3 transfers left. They enjoyed teasing me saying they could add their transfers together and multiply it by 3 and get how many transfers I have left. Ha! So now I have a comp with a bunch more time left so yay. No, but I loved Elder Tingey. Hes a comp I will never forget. I got the package from Sister Olsen yay! :) [She and her husband came down to pick up their RM from Argentina and hooked up with mom before they came to deliver some stuff to Austin] Thanks so much. I looooove the pics! Thanks so much and the shoes are way awesome. Merry Christmas, thanks a bunch. I couldn't ask for more. I gave her a usb drive with my pics on it. [So they will be going home with her to Hurricane UT, to be picked up by Brad in St. George]
As for the health situation you will be happy to know I don't have diarrhea anymore, but it turned into constipation and then the other day turned into hemorrhoids so that was unfortunate but luckily I'm recovering fast :) The lord hears all of our prayers and loves his missionaries. Muchisimo gracias for your prayers. I saw Elder Jones (my comp at the MTC) at the mission meeting today and hes lost 20 pounds since hes gotten here. Wow huh? My body unfortunately looks the same but summer is almost here and let me tell you, it is very hot and humid here. I sweat so much. This last wed it was way bad. We finished the morning and went back to the apartment for lunch. I hung my clothes up to dry and took a shower. Ha! Ya its gunna be a long summer :)
In other news our investigators are doing great. On the 22nd of this month we are going to have 2 baptisms :) I'm way excited. Well its time to go again.
I love you all hope everything is well with yawl!
You are all in my prayers.
Love ya
Elder Schupple

Monday, November 3, 2008

Both of us Sick, States-side family investigator

Wow sounds like a lot is happening at home, and don't worry about sending the packages express. I really don't care. Good news about my feet :) The blisters have all callused over and I am walking just fine now :) Some not so good news-- this past week has been kinda rough because both elder Tingey and I are kinda sick. So that's made things a little difficult. However we push on regardless. We found a new investigator the other day who has family in the states-- one who lives in Florida who is a member :) and one who lives in Utah who is not. Well we taught her the first lesson and it was amazing. I have a good feeling about her and Elder Tingey thinks shes gonna get baptized.
As for Christmas, I am not really sure what I want or need. Everything is good so far. Kids here love American candy so maybe some candy or something. Other than that I really don't think I need anything. Thanks tho. Oh I have a question, theres been a lot of talk lately about another great depression. Whats going on with that? Elder Tingey says if that happens hes just gonna move back down here. Life is pretty chill down here. People get money from the government once a week and just chill and drink mate. Some people work but a lot of people are pretty chill. Well I gotta go.
love you all
Elder Schupple