Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, September 28, 2009

Good stuff! 6 months in Ezeiza and loving it!

Haha mom...Elder Rice is my district leader and one of my best friends in the mission. Ha that's funny his mom talked to you. [connection came from being members of: http://www.ldsmissionarymoms.com/] Nice photos of Jackie at the Homecoming dance. Keep an eye on her and this kid. I would hate to have to kill the kid....but I'm sure I'm just feeling the older brother feelings. This past week was good we had success again. I love Ezeiza! We found this old couple the other day and they are so great. They loved the restoration video and are just really interested. Good times in the mission. We were also expecting a great Sunday with lots of investigators in church because spring started and Saturday was so pretty but the devil sent forth his mighty winds and rain and coldness, so we only had 2 in church. We were looking for the investigators before church and it was soooooo cold with crazy wind and stuff it was a little bit harder for the people to leave there houses... but we still had success. It was awesome.
Other than that, time is just rolling right along, transfers are coming up again, which is crazy. I have a feeling I might leave Ezeiza unless president puts 2 more elders here which would be awesome. I cant believe I've been here for 6 months already. There is just so much to be done which is great... and hey here comes conference again. Woo hoo! I love conference. It feels like yesterday I was in Avellaneda with Elder Aponte inviting people to conference. O goodness good stuff. In a month or so elder Calderon will hit a year which is crazy cuz I was with him when I hit a year and he had like 9 months. Ha! wow crazy stuff. Life is good over here. I hope everyone is doing well. You're all in my prayers.
elder schupple

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another amazing week/ last temple trip

Hi family!
This last week was great! We baptized and we had a lot of success with lessions with members present--which is the best kind of lession we can have. We taught 19 lessions with member present then 28 other lessions. The only thing we were lacking were lessions to members but all in all it was a great week. I didn't write yesterday because we went to the temple today for the last time in my mission because they are closing the temple for cleaning and I'll be gone by the time it opens. I had a really great experience with the zone... probably one of the best spiritual times I've had at the temple ever. So that was really great today. The only hard thing was that it rained really hard and we got soaked and really cold but o well you just have to push on sometimes. Ha!... mom and dad you both received a bunch of compliments this past week. First of all we were at this investigators house and she had new investigator friends for us, so we showed our pics and they just went on and on about how pretty and young mom looks. Then later in the week Elder Calderon was talking about how he needs to lose weight and become muscular like dad. So I thought that was funny.
Other than that i gotta go because the temple took our entire day so we gotta go now. i love you all and hope everyone is doing well.
elder schupple
p.s. And as for school stuff I'm really not sure. I guess the business college would be good considering they give you money if you transfer to a university after, maybe look in Arizona too because I've been making a lot of friends who are going to Arizona colleges, so if there is anything there I could keep my options open for now. Thanks for the help mom.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Still really busy!

Thanks for the pics mom. The picture of the car is great. I don't know where the original went but that's OK. Sounds like a lot is going on at home and the Stake musical sounds pretty cool.
So this past week was kinda long. First off I got sick on Tuesday so that was a drag but a quick blessing and perseverance can do wonders. We were hoping to baptize 2 this sat but this past week we couldn't seem to get in contact with one of the people so we gotta find him this week and teach all the rules. We are praying and exercising faith that it will happen, so it's all good. We are really busy over here in Ezeiza with the recent converts, investigators and a couple families we are trying to reactivate. We are having trouble finding open time to teach and find new investigators, but luckily Heavenly Father is helping us with strength and time so we are doing pretty good. Its better to have too many things to do than have nothing to do so we are very grateful for the blessings we are receiving. Thank you everyone who is praying for us. I hope you are all being blessed like we are being blessed.
We also had zone conference this last week and this elder came up to me and just said, "Elder, who runs your web site? It's awesome! When I was at home I used to read and look at your pics. It was way good preparing for my mission" or something like that... but hey who knew?! Go mom! So thanks for that Mom.
Ummmm I'm not sure what else....I read this thing by President McKay the other day about what our interview with the Savior will be like on judgement day and it was pretty cool. It pretty much laid out the important things in this life and ya i enjoyed it. I'll have to bring the paper next time or you guys can just look it up cuz it was way good. That's pretty much it for now. I'll try to take pics this next week and send them next Mon.
love you all
elder schupple

Monday, September 7, 2009

Busy and productive week

O goodness mom don't scare me like that with that scary story!
[Yesterday after the family finished going to Independence Grove for a picnic and biking, Dan, Nat, Brad and mom rode back to Nat's house on bikes and saw a big commotion of paramedics and police at the entrance of Natalie's sub-division. The timing was close to the time the 4 cars being driven back by the rest of the family should have arrived at Natalie's house...(Dad drove the Toyota, Brit drove Mom's car, Aaron drove their van and Jackie drove Nat's van) Well the ones riding their bikes home were concerned especially when they turned within the sights of the wreck to see Aaron walking around the area. YIKES! Evidently all 4 of them were immediately behind the guy that got hit and witnessed him turn his full sized van right in front of an oncoming corvette which caused both his full sized van and the vett to plow into a mini van who was waiting to turn out of the subdivision. It was quite messy...but thankfully no one was seriously hurt. Jackie was pretty shaken up to see it all happen in front of her and to know how close they all were to it possibly being any of them. We are deeply grateful that the family was safe.]
My heart started beating hard and ya I'm sure you were all protected cuz of all the prayers we do as a family and my prayers for yawl. I'm very glad everyone is safe and its still weird for me hearing Jackie driving alone. Well this past week was cool and was a productive week. We set up 2 more baptism dates, and yes mom thanks to all these baptisms our focus now is finding more people. But we still have plenty to do. I think they need to split our area in half because its so big and we have so much to do. Right now we are working with this guy named Raul. He is very interested but is waiting for is answer to the church and the book of Mormon. He also wants his family to listen to the lessions but they don't have very much interest right now. But little by little they will, its way awesome. Also we have this investigator, Rosa who we kinda lost touch with cuz she started working a lot. Luckily this past week we found her again and we are working with her smoking problem but mostly forgiving her son. We are trying to help her mend some wounds in this family because apparently a while back her son kept asking for money and when she didn't have enough for herself, she finally said, "no you have to raise and provide for your family by yourself cuz I don't have any more." Well he got mad and hit her and its been bitter feelings ever since. So shes been waiting for him to come to her and ask for forgiveness but then i shared a scripture in the doctrine and covenants with her and she was just kinda taken away. She started saying how she didn't do anything. It was a very cool lecion, so we set another baptism date for her cuz she wants to wait until she and her son are better to get baptized. So we set a date when she was going to call him and tell him she forgives him. Until then shes going to pray for strength to do it. So we are all praying for her because I can imagine this is going to be a very hard thing for her to do.
Well hope everyone is doing well at home. Party hardy for Nat's b-day! Next year I'll be there!
Love you lots
Elder Schupple