Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Temple blessings, strong spirit and tingles,

So hows everyone doing? :) Thanks so much for the pic of the fam. It totally made my day. Send more! EVERYONE should send me a pic cuz im supposed to talk en espanol this thurs about my fam and friends and am supposed to bring pics. So send more fam y friends por favor. Ok o also thank you mom for the Cubs shirt it is now my new fav shirt i just got it 2day, i also got the other memory card. Ill prob send it monday cuz sunday I told Elder Schrec and Elder Washburn to meet at on Sunday to do pics of us. So ya hopefully that'll come thru. Sorry i know you're gunna be mad at me because there are so many more pics of my comps than of me. Sorry ill try to do better. I cant remember if i told everybody this but a couple weeks ago in the temple I had the opportunity to participate in sealings for eternity. It was awesome! Im so happy familys can be together forever! Going 2 the temple every week has been so great. I love this. Yesterday Elder Jones and I taught some of the new missionaries and it was awesome. The spirit was so strong. I had the opportunity to teach/testify about the saviors atonement and how i know he is the only way we can make it back to live with our Heavenly Father. It was a really cool thing right when i finished and it was elder jones turn to start teaching again...I just sat there and felt how strong the spirit was. I felt tinglys coming off my spine and shoulder blades. Sorry that doesnt make any sense but thats the only way I can describe it. Lets see what else would yaul like to know? Oh so every Sunday night we get to watch a movie after the fireside. This week it was the new Joseph Smith movie... the one with Sis Mellen in it from the ward. It is so good. I cry everytime. My testimony of Jose Smith grows every time I watch it. Well i guess thats all I have to say if you have any questions, just Dearelder.com me and put an astrix by the questions you have so I wont forget them. Love you all. The Savior lives and will come again. Heavenly Father gave his only begotten son for you. Dont waste the gift that has been given to us. I love u all!
Elder Schupple

Friday, August 22, 2008

Daily schedule/Elder Schrec siting & hug/ Powerful spirit here!

(2 letters came today--snail mail & an email!)
Snail mail:
How are you? Thanks for all the letters. Ok so since I ran out of time on email I'll tell you all about a day here. So, we wake up at 6:30am and get ready til 7am, then we go have study time (MDT) in the clase' (spanish for class) till 8:15am then we go eat breakfast til 8:45am. (I hate the food here... it gives me crazy gas*!) Then we climb the 5 flights of stairs again to get to the clase' and are taught until lunch at 1pm. After lunch we have gym. I play soccer. It's fun. Then we shower and get ready for class with is at 3:20pm where we are taught again til 6pm. Then we have dinner and after that there is study time (MDT) again until 9pm in clase'. After that we plan for the next day and get ready for bed, exercise and all that jazz. I found an exercise buddy...so ya. OK as for the memory card, am I supposed to send that in a regular envelope or a special one? I'll try to take more pics before then.
Love ya always,
Elder Schupple

Today's email:
Hello again thanks everyone for the letters they are all great. OK we'll start with moms questions. the hardest thing to get used to out here has been the language. the coolest thing here is the spirit its just always here its great. i have not tried the OJ but it doesn't really matter because i still have gas regardless. I'm not a fan of the food because i think that's whats been giving me gas, uh i kinda found someone i knew this kid from BYU that Kara knew but it was just like a hi bye thing. i saw the schrecs 2day..... ha ok so elder Schrec yelled, "Elder Schupple!" in the lunch room so I turn around see him and give him a hug, as i do this he loses control of his lunch tray and it goes down my leg! I felt so bad cuz he at first just put his hand out for a shake and i gave him a hug. I don't know what i was thinking sometimes I'm just not to bright. so ya I fell really bad about that and now i gotta get my pants dry cleaned. uh what else ....no surprises really its pretty much what i expected it to be. Mom thanks for all the spiritual thoughts at the end of your letters they are great and i really appreciate them. The Spanish gizmo you gave me I haven't really even touched but I'm sure i will in the near future I'v just been making flash cards. Up to this week the language has been really hard and I've been kinda frustrated with myself but its ok cuz i know the lord will bless me. This week something clicked and i can understand a lot more and speak a little more. Its great! I have a lot to be thankful for. Heavenly father has blessed me a lot so while yawl are asking him to bless me, also thank him for the blessings hes given me thus far. Thanks for all your prayers everyone. I feel heavenly fathers love thru your prayers every day. That's one thing that is really new to me. I have never felt his love like i have the past three weeks. Teaching his love for us has made me realize and feel how much he really cares about us...that and prayer. We pray a lot out here. Before I hadn't liked doing it so much. But I know now that he answers pretty much every prayer i say, Thank goodness Heavenly Father loves us and answers out prayers. I'd be in some serious trouble if he didn't. OK i gotta email others now and stuff. I love you all. God loves you more and the Savior knows what we are going thru so just lean on him when you're not strong.
Love elder Schupple

Monday, August 18, 2008

Learning and the language

OK so the only family member to follow my instructions and give me their email was Brit so she gets one all to herself... so there. :) Dad send me your email. I tried billschupple@yahoo and it didn't work. Anyway so here's the answer to all the questions. The learning is coming along just fine but the language is still hard and it seems like I'm really far behind everyone else. They tell us not to compare ourselves to other people, so that's what I'm doing, just trying hard and stuff like that. Oh thanks for all the letters everyone especially mom for my daily letter its good stuff. The 24/7 devotionals are not bad at all in fact its kinda fun and the days are going by really fast now. Nobody else has the mission shirt you gave me or anything like it so that's cool. Most people have shirts with the country's flag on it and stuff but whatever. Oh if you could send me a Cubs shirt I would be grateful cuz my companion, Elder Jones just busted out a Red Sox shirt and it makes me sick everyday so I gotta counter. So that would be nice if you could do that. The short sleeve shirts came and Elder Jones and I had a party! It was way nice to finally get to wear those bad boys. Oh and mom things are not getting too tight thank you very much. The shirts are big as it is and if they start getting tight I'll stop eating or something. Anyway oh, as for the facebook stuff just ask Kara to help you out and I'm sure she will. So that settles that. I can't upload pics in the MTC but maybe when I get to the field so we should probably just do the memory card mail thing. I think that answers all the questions so now now I'll email Brit. I still need my priesthood lineage and stuff. Ill try sending dad an email at billschupple@remax.com. We'll see. I miss you all.
Brad: be careful with girls they can be crazy!
Jackie: congrats on being done with drivers ed... that's crazy
Nat: send me a pic of Ashton and yawl.
Uncle Todd: thanks for the letter it really helped and it came on a day that I really needed it so thank you very much.
Love you all
Elder Schupple

Friday, August 8, 2008

1st Email home!

OK everyone who's family needs to tell me their email address. You can do this at dearelder.com or something. By the way, thank you all for all the letters they have been great and theyve come right when iv needed them. Ok im not sure what to say so ask me questions.... sorry i shoulda brought all the dearelder letters with me i dont know what i was thinking. ok ill start with mom cuz shes sent me the most.

o ha mom this is ur email address so just send this 2 everyone else if u could :) ok thanks for all the letters, Im in second to last place in the dist cuz of all ur letters so thanks, but the elder in last place has only gotten one letter so eh.
Anyway stuff here is good I'm having a hard time with the language but i have faith ill get it, everytime i get discouraged with the language or something and start wondering if ill ever get it the lord sends a ball of spirit at me and makes me feel like everythings gunna be ok. I keep coming across these scriptures saying learn my gospel first then your tongue will be loosed so i have faith everything will be ok. I'm working hard and i know ill be blessed for that. Uh what else , O my companion Elder Jones is a way good singer, not a big sport guy but a fantastic tenor. Hes doing really good with the language so he helps me a lot> He's prob getting tired of all my questions but ha, hes stuck with me so ha! Just kidding. I like him a lot. He's from Mesa so that's another good thing. OK other than that uh i hope your canoe trip was good. Love u lots!
Oh! i cant find my priesthood lineage so if u could send that, then that would be great. Thanks 4 everything. I'm not sure how I'm gonna fit everything in my already bulging bags when its time to go to Argentina with the new pants and shirts and stuff (the shirts i haven't got yet but whatever). love ya lots!
OK next ill talk to dad. Thanks so much for the letter it helped me a lot after a long day. The first 2 days were really long but since then they've been going pretty fast. I think of you every day. I miss you a lot but i try to work hard so u can be proud of me and all that jazz :) love you!

Next Jackie: thanks 4 your letters. PUT THE TWILIGHT BOOKS DOWN THEY ARE BAD :) Just kidding. Shoot i don't know what else to say. I love you! Ask some questions. Stay away from boys.

BRAD :) i hear you're playing with girls hearts, be careful they throw crazy fits! so be careful, ha hope you have fun at school. Thanks for the dear elder letter you're almost at how many letters i wrote you... so sorry, ha i love you

Sessions:) send me pics of the wedding!! hope it was great. Thanks for the letter it was great I miss Ashton so much. Keep sending pics of her too. Don't cry 4 me Argentina :) Just kidding. OK I'm running out of time quick i gotta type faster

Johnson's: Brit thanks for the letter :) u2 kayla i love u and kiera be good for your mom. I love u guys, Brit thanks a lot 4 your letter. I'll write you and Nat the most next time but if i don't send this letter now it ll be erased!
Elder Schupple

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Short sleeve shirts & overheated elder

August 4, 2008

Dear Fam.

Hope everything's going well with ya'll. OK, so mom if you could get the short sleeve shirts here soon that would be great. Uh well, I'm not sure what you guys want to know. The second day was the longest day ever, but things are getting easier. The spirit here is really strong, today was the first day we got to exercise. An elder from my district was breathing really heavily and his heart was beating really fast when we got back to the room. So since I was there his companion asked me to help him give a blessing. So I did the oil and he blessed and sealed it. The elder got up feeling allot better but his good companion made him go to the doctor anyway. Well I'll be able to email soon so I'll just talk to you then.

Love ya'll

Elder Schupple

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

1st Letter Home--1st day at the MTC

July 30, 2008

So, I pretty much love my companion. He's this really tall, bigger guy--Elder Jones :) Ya, he's great. He was called to be the district leader so it's great. I have a lot I can learn from him. I was called to be the senior companion though, so I think that is kinda weird. Ya, other than that the first day was good. Aunt Micki, Dackota & Missi all cried. Ya, people are pretty friendly here. I'm excited to start learning the language and start digging into the gospel. OK, so after the Johnsons left, I stood in a long line for the immunization stuff, the I got my other books, then another little welcome thing from the President, then dinner, then a long meeting with my new Branch President. So, ya, they all taught a lesson and we all got interviewed. Now I am ready for bed except I still need to write in my journal, so I'll write you a longer letter later. I love you all.


Elder Schupple

P.S. Sorry for the misspelled words and nasty hand writing. Get used to it...haha!

Testimony: Christ is our Saviour, Heavenly Father loves us allot. The Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith is a true prophet as is Thomas S. Monson.

I love yaul!