Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, February 23, 2009

Baptism and reactivation!

so this last week was good but at the same time we had some hard news. First with the bad ok so we have been teaching this couple who are in their 70s. Their names are marta and gustavo, marta has been having some health problems, 2 weeks ago when we were at gustavos house he told us marta was in the hospital. then 2 weeks of not hearing from him we pass by and he tells us marta passed away and right now he is angry with god and said dont come back for 15 days. We tryed talking to him but he was sad and just wanted to be alone. So that was kinda hard to swallow this past week but im glad i know what i know.As for the good news, we had a baptism this sat and it was great, but whats even more great is that this little ten year old girl named noelia is reactivating her whole family, they have all come to church for the past 3 weeks and now her older brother wants to serve a mission and her other older brother is going through the repentence process. the baptism was way nice ha my white pants were seriously falling off me so ill have to find a way to fix that. sorry its a short one today we are way behind schedule today love you all elder schupple

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zone P-day Zoo Activity, Bible bash turned good

Ok first of all a little quote I heard this week, ¨Most of the time we learn more from the hard times than the fun times¨ or something like that. Anyway so this week was pretty good. First of all, the reason I'm writing today is cuz our zone activity for Pday was switched from yesterday to today because the zoo isn't open on Monday.
Ok so we have this investigator named Roberto. He is 82 years old and ya we went over to his house for the second time to teach him and we started talking about the girl that was in his house the last time to see if she wanted to listen to the lesson too because we thought it was his grand daughter that lived with him. Other than her he lives alone. But it turns out that the 21 year old girl that was there last time was his girlfriend not his grand daughter. Ya it was like.... EWWWW gross! He kept laughing saying, "Ha! She thinks I have a lot of money but I really don't." So ya theres that awkward story! Now for a better one.
Ok so this week Elder Aponte and I were talking to this family who were sitting outside drinking mate (an Argentine drink) and it was going very well, when this half drunk guy walked by and started testing our knowledge of the Bible. After a minute or 2 I could see that he just wanted to Bible bash and stuff, so i said, "Ok come and talk to me in the street and my comp will talk with this family." So thats what we did and it turned out to be pretty good because I just got out my bible and we started talking nicely about Adam and Eve and just went thru the bible up to when Jesus and his apostles died and then I started into the apostasy and why we needed a restoration. It was actually pretty good! The guy ended up liking the conversation, gave me a brazo and a bezo (hug and kiss) and went on his way. By the time we ended, Elder Aponte had taught the family the restoration and set up a return appointment. So ya that was pretty cool. So ya thats all i have today cuz i had a struggle with uploading the pics.
lvlv elder schupple

PS: The pics of those large rabbits...I'm not really sure what they are. Everyone thought they were a mix of a rabbit and a deer. Also zoos here are cooler because you can just hop the fence and pet the animals! I didnt of course but i saw other people doing it.

[Regarding engagement news about friends]: Ha! wow no mom keep me updated about these things! I wanna know and it doesnt make me trunky or anything so esta bien. Wow tell her congrats from me. [Regarding the next package sent from home]I dont think I really need anything in particular so just whatever you would like to put in it. .[Regarding his pic in the Liahona] I'll be sure to get a Liahona when we get one. I've only seen the ones members have so ya once we get one. I'll make sure to hold on to it. The pics (I'm trying to upload) are being dificult right now but ill figure it out.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Elder Schupple and new investigator?....Turtle

Bad example problems, blessings on ducks

Well I'm sorry to say I don't think I've been losing weight. If anything I think I've been gaining it and losing muscle. But hey thanks everyone.
Ok so this is what happened this past week, first of all we had transfers but Elder Aponte and I are still together and he was moved up to district leader. Ever since his new position we have been really working. Sometimes we don't have time for our siesta or lunch and language study which is a bummer, but I get enough language study just being with a Latin so its all good. So ya we had a lot of success this past week. We found quite a few new investigators and are having a baptism in 2 weeks. So its been really great and we have been really tired. We usually get home, eat something, do stuff we gotta do, then go to bed. It's been good but I am tired.
Remember that lady who wanted to get pregnant? Well we have been talking to her and its not looking like shes going to change her mind about having it with this one guy. But we found out why she is inactive and why there are so many inactives in this ward. It turns out they have had some bad luck with bad bishops. This lady who wants to get pregnant was walking in the street and saw her bishop walking out of a cheap hotel with a female member in their ward. So ya apparently shes not the only one who has experienced awkward situations like this. A bunch of the inactives we have been trying to find have a similar story about 2 or 3 of the last bishops they have had. So ya its kinda difficult but we are making progress. We had a couple of inactives in the church this past Sunday so :) yay.
Ok now for a much happier funny story: So we were clapping houses and this one lady started to talk to us and we shared the first discussion and as we were rapping up we asked if we could end with a prayer and she said, "Ya that sounds good and could you also pray for my duck? Its a little sick." So Elder Aponte offered the prayer and I don't know why but when he said the word "pato" or duck I just thought it was so funny and had to bite my tongue so I wouldn't laugh. So that was pretty funny. I look forward to going back and seeing how the duck is doing.
Well that's pretty much it for today. Glad to hear everyone is doing so well!
Love you all
Elder schupple

p.s. Ok myldsmail account is saying I have no room for more emails or whatever so I deleted like all of em. So if you send pics send them to my yahoo acount please (austinschupple@yahoo.com)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pic in Feb 09 Liahona, Travolta look alike? Weird investigator

NOOOOOO!!!! Oh man so I’ve been looking all week for this months Liahona [Spanish version of the Ensign] and as I was doing this I kept thinking, “Oh man I hope its not that one picture that I saw where I look like a freaking gordo [fatso]. So I finally found a Liahona and sure enough there I am front and center looking very stunning and very fat. O well I’m in the Ensign…... woo hoo in the Febuary one.
Anyway so mom apparently we look like movie stars, or at least actors. Everyone always wants to see the pictures I carry around of the family and the nieces. Ha so this inactive family saw you mom and was like, “Oh my goodness she is so pretty. She looks like that news lady from Colombia huh.” Ok… then they saw a pic of both of us and were like, “wow you look like John Travolta.” Ha! I was like “what? You’re crazy!” And they were like, “No seriously you could totally be his son.” So thought I’d share that with ya’ll :) Looks like I may have a career in acting.....
Ok now for the weird story of the inactive lady. Ok so we were visiting this lady and she starts blabbing about whatever and suddenly comes out and says that she wants to have another kid (shes 46 btw) So we started talking and were like, “Well your husbands dead. How are you going to do that?” And it turns out she has this long time friend who offered to be the father! Psh creeper! Anyway we started talking about the law of chastity and all that stuff and ya after all that she asked us if we could give her a blessing so she could get pregnant..... We were like, “Uh can we maybe do it the next time or something cuz we gotta go to a lunch appointment.” which was true but we really just wanted to call president and ask him what he thought about that. So we called him and he told us to tell her that we can give her a blessing but it will completely depend on her faith and her OBEDIENCE to the commandments… aka law of chastity. So ya we gotta go do that this next week. Ya wish us luck.
Now for a much better, not as weird story…So before I got here in this area, Elder Aponte and his comp had this investigator named Diego. Diego is 30 unmarried and wants to join the church, but he has this little problem, he has been having an affair with a married woman for a couple years. Ya apparently the missionaries had been trying to tell him to stop but he just says he cant, he loves her and soon she will leave her husband for him. Poor guy... actually no… poor husband that doesn’t know. So this last week we met up with him and he told us that he talked with his lady friend and decided to stop it because he wants to get baptized and receive the blessings from it. He also has a very special testimony about tithing he says he cant wait to be able to pay tithing. What faith huh? So ya that is the happy story of the day.
As for now we are trying to get the pictures working so I’m gunna stop the letter and work on uploading these pictures.
love you all
elder schupple
ps thanks for the pictures everyone. Happy Bday brit! :)