Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ok so im going to write ya'll first today cuz I have a bunch to say and I don't want to run out of time. Plus i want to be happy while writing this letter.

Ok so first of all we have a new mission address its

Quitana 447

1846 adrogue

buenos Aries Argentina

Next we had a really good week! On Tuesday we found this 20 year old kid from Paraguay and taught him the first lesson. His name is Daniel and he is de diez [or awesome] He wants to learn more and ya its been cool. Then the next time we went over to teach him he brought his 23 year old cousin whose name is Alex who is even better than Daniel! He asked all the right questions and was really excited to read the part we marked for him in the Book of Mormon. The next time we went over he was so happy to see us he just went on and on about how great the Book of Mormon is and how he did on what we told him to do. He prayed after reading it and ask if it was true. He went on and on telling us how he had that same feeling I had described when I shared how i knew it was true. It was a really spiritual experience. I seriously almost started crying. The spirit was just so strong. I was so happy he received an answer to his prayer. It seriously just boosted my testimony of the Book of Mormon and prayer after hearing that. Anyway so ya that's Alex and Daniel. I'll let you know how they are doing next week. In other news I'm a lot happier with my comp. We are really starting to get this area moving and now we get along a whole lot better. Hes helping me by leaps and bounds with my castellano [Spanish]and hes really funny. He saw a picture of mom and dad and said "Wow i want me and my wife to be like your mom and dad after having 5 kids and 3 grand children." He just went on and on about how you guys looked so young and were in such good shape. So i thought that was funny. Next thing that happened was, we were clapping houses and this guy opened the door and wasn't really interested. He just said "maybe another time guys" So he started closing the door. Then I saw his shirt and it was a limp biscuit shirt. I said "Hey you like limp biscuit?" and he opened up the door a little more and was like, "o ya my son loves them and ya i like some of their stuff." Then Elder Aponte started talking about other bands and after like 5 minutes of that this guy took our pamphlet of the restoration and was like, "Ya come back another day guys and we´ll talk some more. " We went back but his son had been in a car accident so he couldn't talk for very long cuz they were starting to work things out with the car, but we found the son and hes like 26 and an actor who wants to learn more English cuz he speaks a little now but wants to get better. So i was like, "Hey, I can help with that." So we set up a date to come back and the next time we came back we taught the husband and wife cuz the son and daughter weren't there but it was seriously one of the best first lessons iv ever participated in. When we gave them the book of mormon they were so intrigued by it. They were like, "wow this is so cool! No you dont need to mark a part for us to read. We will just start from the beginning cuz we want to read it all." After the lesson was done they tried to give us 20 pesos for teaching them and for the book but of course we told them how what we do we don't do for money and how the gospel of Jesus Christ is for those with and without money. So ya that was a way cool lesson.

I haven't heard anything about my picture being in the liahona but ill be sure to look, I'm sorry about not sending any pictures. My camera is dead and each time I plug it in on Mondays when we are in the computer place it charges for 2 mins then stops. So ya when we get home I look at the camera and its still dead. Today we are in a different area and i didn't know we were going to be doing email here so i don't have my camera here. Psh what luck huh? I'm not really sure how other elders send pics ill ask around.

My new area is called Avellaneda 2. Its a little more cityish but our apartment is a lot worse. We have a lot of cockroaches and they lady next door yells at us every time she sees us. My new companions name is Elder Aponte and hes from Columbia. He's way better now than he was last week in so far as wanting to work .

Thanks everyone for your letters and your prayers love you all

Elder Schupple

PS Maria got baptized this past Saturday!!!!!!! :)

sorry i forgot to tell you in my last email

Huh i don't recognize that elder but why do you have your arms around each other? Mom keep the missionaries good ;) [this is sherra speaking now in my defense....the pic here is the pic Austin is referring to...if you notice it's our own arms that are around our own backs... We had this elder and hi companion over for his 21st B-day and this elder staged the pic like this ;) ]

Monday, January 19, 2009

Clarification...Difficult week

Ok just to start off...I'm sorry about the story I wrote last week. Last Sunday night elder Backman received a phone call from president assay saying hey there is an emergency transfer going down because one of my district leaders is not working so i need you-- Elder Backman-- to get him to work the last month of his mission, and Elder Schupple is leaving your area tomorrow morning. This call was at 9 o'clock at night so I had to stay up until 2o'clock in the morning packing all my stuff so I could still get some studying in the next morning. So Monday morning rolled around and I was a little tired from staying up the night before but I got up and did the things I was supposed to do. Then the trunky elder [in trouble] came to our apartment and I left with his comp at 9 in the morning. We spent most of the day on the train going to my new area. When we got there it was about 3ish so we took my bags and dropped them off at the apt and went to the computer place for a little while which is when i wrote the email. I was not exactly very happy. In fact I was really rather mad and didn't want to blow it all out in my email so I thought I would try and put some humor in it. I am sorry about the email. I'm sorry you all are so mad at me. I wont do it again. As for this past week it was one of the longer weeks I've had since I've been here. My comp is a little trunky cuz he goes home in a few months so i have to be lugging him around. We have no investigators because he and his last comp didn't do anything in a very long time. So now here I am again one week later, still tired and frustrated/angry because I had to leave the area where we were about to baptize Maria, her son Allan and i was gunna meet her husband this week. Along with that all my other investigators who were all so great. But hey the mission throws a curve ball at you sometimes and you gotta change. So ya that's pretty much what happened this week. Thank you all for your wonderful emails. I look forward to next to being able to talk with you all.
Love elder schupple
PS don't worry about me... nobody is trying to rob me kiss me or anything like that. This week has just been a little difficult. This is not the situation I wanted as a missionary with only 3 and a half months in the country. But I am trying to do my best. I love you all

Monday, January 12, 2009

Emergency transfer, almost hit by bus

OK I have even less time this week because yesterday we got a call from president and said hey emergency transfers--Elder schupple leaves tomorrow. What happened was there was this girl in my ward and she came up to me in church when my comp was in the bathroom so I was waiting outside but she came up to me and said, "Hola elder schupple como estas?" and i said "bien y udt..." then she kissed me on the lips. Ya my comp came out right at that moment and it was way awkward.... NO..... That didnt happen but I did get transferred cuz this one elder wasn't being obedient and Elder Backman is a stickler and doesnt put up with shenanigans. So ya I now am in a different area. Its a lot of ville or ghetto and I'm in a three some. One of my comps is Latin the other isn't. I cant even remember their names. I just barely met them. So now we are cramming our emails in for a couple mins cuz we have a sita (lesson) to go to. So ya I'll right more next week sorry this is a short letter.
love you all elder schupple
PS i almost got hit by a bus on Friday but luckily i didn't

Monday, January 5, 2009

Brad engaged, Live sealing, New Years

Holy freak! Is Brad really getting married or are you guys all pulling a trick on me? If this is a joke its not funny and i know funny... trust me. I don't think its a joke tho... so holy cow! I cant believe it! Wow Wow Wow! That is absolutely crazy! Ahhhh I cant believe that!... and I'm not gunna be there! Freaking just wait another year. You're gunna wait 8 months so just wait a little longer..... jk... Wow! I cant believe it that is just so crazy...Brad getting married?! Wow! Sheesh! My goodness gracious. I mean 2 weeks ago it was "O hey brad and Kristin are dating" then last week it was "Wow Brads thinking about asking her to marry him" then this week "Wow brads engaged!" HA! Wow! That is so great! Shoot! Congrats! Why is the wedding so far away? ...Just to make sure they like each other? Usually that's done before the engagement. Wow shoot...I'm not gunna get over that news for a long time ...wow.
OK so this last week was pretty cool. I got to see my first live sealing. Elder Backman was a witness so we got special permission to go. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. New Years was crazy. I didn't stay up for it tho. We decided to go to bed at 1130 so we could get to sleep. So I didn't get to hear the fireworks, but the next day it looked like a bomb went off cuz the streets were filthy with glass firework trash and a couple people sleeping. But the next day... man talk about the worst day ever... there wasn't anyone willing to let us in cuz they were either to tired or too hung over/drunk or both. So ya. Sorry I gotta go.
Tell the girls they are looking great and tell Jackie to stay away from them boys.
love Elder Schupple

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Breastfeeding investigators, Christmas 2008

(From December 29, 2008 email)
OK so hows everyone doing at home? It was so great to hear from you on Christmas. We pretty much just spent the entire day in the chapel doing phone calls and studying and ya not a whole lot. On new years we get to go out a little but have to be back way early. We will just be studying and reading the book of Mormon cuz we are reading it in one transfer as a mission. Its way hard and it takes up like all of my study time. This week we were expecting a bunch of investigators at church but only 3 came and it was way awkward for me because these three women all breastfeed wherever they want (along with every other Argentine) but like during the lesson or when we shake their hands to leave its just awkward. But other than that they are all doing way good. On Christmas it was way weird cuz there was fireworks and drinking and it was so hot and with just a bunch of fireworks it did not seem like Christmas at all so that was kind of a bummer. But o well it was still cool. And OK the Spanish is hard but the way y'all are writing me, you're making it sound like i don't speak any Spanish. Shoot! I think I'm doing just fine. I can pretty much understand everything and I just need to practice my conjugations. Other than that just about everything is good down here the area is really starting to pick up. Ya its good stuff and I'm enjoying it. Well I gotta go. Hope y'all have a good New Years.
Love you all
Elder Schupple

P.S. ahhh i cant get the pictures to work im so frustrated dang it i really wanted to see these, i was looking forward to it all last week so thats kinda frustrating. if you could try to send them again diferently that would be very nice... hmm maybe your waiting for this email so if you can do it in the next 10 or 15 mins id be so greatful