Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, January 5, 2009

Brad engaged, Live sealing, New Years

Holy freak! Is Brad really getting married or are you guys all pulling a trick on me? If this is a joke its not funny and i know funny... trust me. I don't think its a joke tho... so holy cow! I cant believe it! Wow Wow Wow! That is absolutely crazy! Ahhhh I cant believe that!... and I'm not gunna be there! Freaking just wait another year. You're gunna wait 8 months so just wait a little longer..... jk... Wow! I cant believe it that is just so crazy...Brad getting married?! Wow! Sheesh! My goodness gracious. I mean 2 weeks ago it was "O hey brad and Kristin are dating" then last week it was "Wow Brads thinking about asking her to marry him" then this week "Wow brads engaged!" HA! Wow! That is so great! Shoot! Congrats! Why is the wedding so far away? ...Just to make sure they like each other? Usually that's done before the engagement. Wow shoot...I'm not gunna get over that news for a long time ...wow.
OK so this last week was pretty cool. I got to see my first live sealing. Elder Backman was a witness so we got special permission to go. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. New Years was crazy. I didn't stay up for it tho. We decided to go to bed at 1130 so we could get to sleep. So I didn't get to hear the fireworks, but the next day it looked like a bomb went off cuz the streets were filthy with glass firework trash and a couple people sleeping. But the next day... man talk about the worst day ever... there wasn't anyone willing to let us in cuz they were either to tired or too hung over/drunk or both. So ya. Sorry I gotta go.
Tell the girls they are looking great and tell Jackie to stay away from them boys.
love Elder Schupple

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Princess Rock said...

Yea, we all sense the shock of the engagement but Brad and Kristin are awesome and close to the Spirit and it's exciting!! My head is still spinning but in a good way, like yours....life under the Lord's directions sometimes feels like an exciting roller-coaster ride..We are way excited too! I am sure you'll see many pictures and feel the spirit of it all while you are serving the Lord. Bless you and enjoy the WORK!!
~~Sis Rock