Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas call, Elder Chatwin, 2nd Transfer--stayed!

Hey ya thats cool! [regarding a recent hook up of one of the elders mom with Sherra via their blogs and the missionary mom email service] Hes in my district now. We just had transfers and the districts changed so now we are in the same district. Ya Elder Chatwin is way tight. Guess what? He was in the movie The RM with his twin brother. Hes way bigger now but ya isn't that cool. And i think his middle name is Hunter. Cool huh? Ya hes cool. Hey guess what this week is Christmas :) woo hoo except theres been some problems with some elders and theres a chance I might not get to call on Christmas. Bummer huh? A couple elders mess up and everyone gets punished. Other than that not much else has happened. I'm way excited to be staying with Elder Backman and staying in this area cuz we have some way cool investigators and the ward is starting to feel like home now. Hows everyone doing over there? Hows Brooke Wesley? I haven't heard from her. Hope all is well. Also mom could you maybe email or send a picture or my blog site to Mr Leone and Mrs Warfield at LHS :) I promised both of them I'd send them a letter so could you either get their address or send them something :) Thanks. Well have a very merry Christmas hope everything is going great!
Love Elder Schupple
P.S. I was just joking about not getting to call home. Ill for sure call but I'm not sure how it works we didn't get any instructions so I don't know when or how. So just try to be ready whenever :) ha sorry!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Crazy weather, Stake Patriarch

Sounds like she [the Chinese house guest] was a blast. I'm glad you got that opportunity. Wow Dackota's is going into the MTC? That's so crazy! Get his email address for me and ask aunt Micki why she hasn't emailed me back. I'm sorry to hear about the car [needing new parts] and the slippery roads. That's really sad to hear about grandma but hey your gunna have a lot of fun and company over Christmas. Yes its true we aren't allowed to go out Christmas day and Christmas eve. We have to be in way early like at noon or something. So it'll be an interesting Christmas. OK now for what happened this past week: First off there was this huge storm. We had just left a lesson and these mean looking clouds came in and then the wind started picking up and then the rain. Well we were protected because while we were walking there was this big metal door to a garage that was propped open. Just as I walked around it the wind slammed it shut. I'm convinced we were being watched over [because it could've hit me very easily] Well after that the rain really started coming down and we couldn't even see where we were walking. But we had a sita [lesson] to go to so we just followed the road. The roads started flooding and we were getting really wet :) It was crazy.

We went out with our stake patriarch the other day and he was telling us stories of his life. Guess who he met and said was a very nice guy? :) Fidel Castro! Ha! Ya I didn't believe him at first but now I think I do. He also helped design a temple in Mexico. Ya this guy has been around. The pic is of our service project. We helped paint a school. But the paint was so watered down we had to go over it like 5 times and then we decided to paint our faces. The other pic is what people do with their trash here. When there's enough of it they burn it. It smells gross!

This is the last week before transfers and I cant believe how fast this transfer time went. Oh and the charger for the ipod works great! Thanks again mom.

Love you all and hope all is well. I'm praying for ya'll.

love elder schupple

Monday, December 8, 2008

Did NOT kill the dog, mobs

OK first off the dog was a stray and I didn't kill it. I didn't even throw the rock. I'm sorry for the confusion. Thank you so much for the package and pics. I can not believe how big the girls are getting! Shoot they have grown so much in four months, I cant imagine what 2 years is gunna do to them. And Miss Jackie! Holy cow! I seriously didn't recognize you without those braces and your hair dyed. ... stay away from those boys. Thanksgiving looked like freaking so much fun ahhh. Tell Dan it looks like hes losing weight.OK now for this past week, it had its ups and its downs. A few more downs than ups but it was still good. OK well last Monday we were on our way to a FHE when we saw a whole bunch of guys on the train tracks. They were all wearing soccer uniforms ( soccer teams fans). We later found out that they were on their way back from losing a soccer game. OK so just for some background info... the train tracks were about 30 feet away from us. We were walking parallel to them. So we were just walking and we saw them start throwing rocks and yelling. Well we got to the family's house for FHE and we started clapping. It was taking a while for anyone to answer the door and the guys throwing rocks did not look very happy, so my comp says OK if those guys start coming over here, start running! I thought, "Aw crap I don't run very fast but i guess its a good thing my comps fatter than me they can catch him first... jk. OK well the family finally opened the door and right when they did we heard police sirens and gun shots. It was intense.
Anyway other than that is that I saw the biggest nose I have ever seen in my life. It was seriously like a Mario and Luigi nose. It was gross.
We went to a lot of our investigators and were dropped by 2 or 3 really good ones, so that was depressing and to add on to that, Maria our golden investigator didn't come to church. Then on Saturday we went to this inactive family's house and all was well until the phone rang. The dad answered it and started yelling/kinda crying and then the mom and everyone got up really quick and asked what was wrong. Well it turns out that someone on the moms side of the family had just died. Well the mom started crying hysterically and it was just a crazy moment. So we left and I got to thinking how much I appreciate my family. So thanks fam for all that you have done for me. Thanks so much. Thanks again for the package and don't worry, I'll get the language eventually. Ha and tell dad yes, when the weather gets really hot and humid the mosquitoes are terrible. My ankles are all eaten up. Thanks for everything!
elder schupple
PS Cecilia was saying you killed some dog? Did Toby die? [Cecilia is a member in the branch where Austin is at in Argentina who has hooked up with many of us on facebook. However, she only writes in Spanish...so we are having trouble totally understanding each other. I had asked her about the dog we thought Austin had killed with a rock...not that I had killed a dog...So no Toby has not died yet*!]

Monday, December 1, 2008

Killed a dog, hot & cold, good investigators

Hey I'm way sorry I'm early today. We have appointments later today so ya that's why I'm writing now. Well it was a pretty exciting week. To start it off I was bit by a dog. We were just walking down the street and these dogs are barking at us like they always do. We usually don't pay any attention to them, but all of a sudden I feel my heel get bit so i like jump and the dog backs off so I bend down and pick up a rock and freaking throw it as hard as I can at this dog. Well I hit it in the head and killed it...... not what I wanted to do. Now when I go to pick up rocks Elder Backman tells me not to throw them cuz of all the people that are watching. We have to be very careful with what we do when people are watching....well make that all the time but especially when people are watching. So ya i drop the rock and we keep walking.
We are teaching this guy who doesn't have legs. He lost them in a kitchen fire. Hes way sincere about everything and just grateful for everything he has. I don't know how he does it but hes really great. Well on Thursday it was 104 degrees with 56 percent humidity. That was a very hot day, we both were sweating so much, it was supposed to be 113 degrees the next day but luckily it rained so it didn't get that hot. Ha well it started raining Friday and hasn't stopped since and now its way cold. Ha theres no getting in between here.... its either way hot or way cold and rainy. In other news there a lot of freaking Jehovah witnesses down here. They got a crazy system. You cant be a member of their church until you do a year of studying and go out like every other day and do some tracting. So every day we pass the testigos. On Wed there was a whole freaking bunch out. So we were going to this appointment and there they were clapping our appointment's house, [in Argentina you clap instead of knock] There were a ton on this street and we were completely surrounded. But no worries they clapped the house and the investigator said no to them and let us in :) It was a good feeling knowing we have the truth and they are just wasting their time.... that sounds really mean. Ok i have a question, how much is an English quad? a kid down here wants one and asked me to ask you how much they were. So if you could find out for me that would be great. For thanksgiving we appreciated the heat, and ordered empanadas. It was great. then my comp mentioned pie and I've had a huge craving for pumpkin pie since then. That's pretty much what happened this week.
Love you all
elder schupple
PS mom thanks for the packages again don't worry about sending any more i have more than enough :)