Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zone P-day Zoo Activity, Bible bash turned good

Ok first of all a little quote I heard this week, ¨Most of the time we learn more from the hard times than the fun times¨ or something like that. Anyway so this week was pretty good. First of all, the reason I'm writing today is cuz our zone activity for Pday was switched from yesterday to today because the zoo isn't open on Monday.
Ok so we have this investigator named Roberto. He is 82 years old and ya we went over to his house for the second time to teach him and we started talking about the girl that was in his house the last time to see if she wanted to listen to the lesson too because we thought it was his grand daughter that lived with him. Other than her he lives alone. But it turns out that the 21 year old girl that was there last time was his girlfriend not his grand daughter. Ya it was like.... EWWWW gross! He kept laughing saying, "Ha! She thinks I have a lot of money but I really don't." So ya theres that awkward story! Now for a better one.
Ok so this week Elder Aponte and I were talking to this family who were sitting outside drinking mate (an Argentine drink) and it was going very well, when this half drunk guy walked by and started testing our knowledge of the Bible. After a minute or 2 I could see that he just wanted to Bible bash and stuff, so i said, "Ok come and talk to me in the street and my comp will talk with this family." So thats what we did and it turned out to be pretty good because I just got out my bible and we started talking nicely about Adam and Eve and just went thru the bible up to when Jesus and his apostles died and then I started into the apostasy and why we needed a restoration. It was actually pretty good! The guy ended up liking the conversation, gave me a brazo and a bezo (hug and kiss) and went on his way. By the time we ended, Elder Aponte had taught the family the restoration and set up a return appointment. So ya that was pretty cool. So ya thats all i have today cuz i had a struggle with uploading the pics.
lvlv elder schupple

PS: The pics of those large rabbits...I'm not really sure what they are. Everyone thought they were a mix of a rabbit and a deer. Also zoos here are cooler because you can just hop the fence and pet the animals! I didnt of course but i saw other people doing it.

[Regarding engagement news about friends]: Ha! wow no mom keep me updated about these things! I wanna know and it doesnt make me trunky or anything so esta bien. Wow tell her congrats from me. [Regarding the next package sent from home]I dont think I really need anything in particular so just whatever you would like to put in it. .[Regarding his pic in the Liahona] I'll be sure to get a Liahona when we get one. I've only seen the ones members have so ya once we get one. I'll make sure to hold on to it. The pics (I'm trying to upload) are being dificult right now but ill figure it out.

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Dan and Natalie Sessions said...

I love reading these letters! Thanks for posting them mom!