Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bad example problems, blessings on ducks

Well I'm sorry to say I don't think I've been losing weight. If anything I think I've been gaining it and losing muscle. But hey thanks everyone.
Ok so this is what happened this past week, first of all we had transfers but Elder Aponte and I are still together and he was moved up to district leader. Ever since his new position we have been really working. Sometimes we don't have time for our siesta or lunch and language study which is a bummer, but I get enough language study just being with a Latin so its all good. So ya we had a lot of success this past week. We found quite a few new investigators and are having a baptism in 2 weeks. So its been really great and we have been really tired. We usually get home, eat something, do stuff we gotta do, then go to bed. It's been good but I am tired.
Remember that lady who wanted to get pregnant? Well we have been talking to her and its not looking like shes going to change her mind about having it with this one guy. But we found out why she is inactive and why there are so many inactives in this ward. It turns out they have had some bad luck with bad bishops. This lady who wants to get pregnant was walking in the street and saw her bishop walking out of a cheap hotel with a female member in their ward. So ya apparently shes not the only one who has experienced awkward situations like this. A bunch of the inactives we have been trying to find have a similar story about 2 or 3 of the last bishops they have had. So ya its kinda difficult but we are making progress. We had a couple of inactives in the church this past Sunday so :) yay.
Ok now for a much happier funny story: So we were clapping houses and this one lady started to talk to us and we shared the first discussion and as we were rapping up we asked if we could end with a prayer and she said, "Ya that sounds good and could you also pray for my duck? Its a little sick." So Elder Aponte offered the prayer and I don't know why but when he said the word "pato" or duck I just thought it was so funny and had to bite my tongue so I wouldn't laugh. So that was pretty funny. I look forward to going back and seeing how the duck is doing.
Well that's pretty much it for today. Glad to hear everyone is doing so well!
Love you all
Elder schupple

p.s. Ok myldsmail account is saying I have no room for more emails or whatever so I deleted like all of em. So if you send pics send them to my yahoo acount please (austinschupple@yahoo.com)

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