Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Friday, August 8, 2008

1st Email home!

OK everyone who's family needs to tell me their email address. You can do this at dearelder.com or something. By the way, thank you all for all the letters they have been great and theyve come right when iv needed them. Ok im not sure what to say so ask me questions.... sorry i shoulda brought all the dearelder letters with me i dont know what i was thinking. ok ill start with mom cuz shes sent me the most.

o ha mom this is ur email address so just send this 2 everyone else if u could :) ok thanks for all the letters, Im in second to last place in the dist cuz of all ur letters so thanks, but the elder in last place has only gotten one letter so eh.
Anyway stuff here is good I'm having a hard time with the language but i have faith ill get it, everytime i get discouraged with the language or something and start wondering if ill ever get it the lord sends a ball of spirit at me and makes me feel like everythings gunna be ok. I keep coming across these scriptures saying learn my gospel first then your tongue will be loosed so i have faith everything will be ok. I'm working hard and i know ill be blessed for that. Uh what else , O my companion Elder Jones is a way good singer, not a big sport guy but a fantastic tenor. Hes doing really good with the language so he helps me a lot> He's prob getting tired of all my questions but ha, hes stuck with me so ha! Just kidding. I like him a lot. He's from Mesa so that's another good thing. OK other than that uh i hope your canoe trip was good. Love u lots!
Oh! i cant find my priesthood lineage so if u could send that, then that would be great. Thanks 4 everything. I'm not sure how I'm gonna fit everything in my already bulging bags when its time to go to Argentina with the new pants and shirts and stuff (the shirts i haven't got yet but whatever). love ya lots!
OK next ill talk to dad. Thanks so much for the letter it helped me a lot after a long day. The first 2 days were really long but since then they've been going pretty fast. I think of you every day. I miss you a lot but i try to work hard so u can be proud of me and all that jazz :) love you!

Next Jackie: thanks 4 your letters. PUT THE TWILIGHT BOOKS DOWN THEY ARE BAD :) Just kidding. Shoot i don't know what else to say. I love you! Ask some questions. Stay away from boys.

BRAD :) i hear you're playing with girls hearts, be careful they throw crazy fits! so be careful, ha hope you have fun at school. Thanks for the dear elder letter you're almost at how many letters i wrote you... so sorry, ha i love you

Sessions:) send me pics of the wedding!! hope it was great. Thanks for the letter it was great I miss Ashton so much. Keep sending pics of her too. Don't cry 4 me Argentina :) Just kidding. OK I'm running out of time quick i gotta type faster

Johnson's: Brit thanks for the letter :) u2 kayla i love u and kiera be good for your mom. I love u guys, Brit thanks a lot 4 your letter. I'll write you and Nat the most next time but if i don't send this letter now it ll be erased!
Elder Schupple

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Aaron & Tami said...

Hi cuz
looks likeyou are having a blast hope you are doing well!

love Tami
Ur cuz