Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Friday, August 22, 2008

Daily schedule/Elder Schrec siting & hug/ Powerful spirit here!

(2 letters came today--snail mail & an email!)
Snail mail:
How are you? Thanks for all the letters. Ok so since I ran out of time on email I'll tell you all about a day here. So, we wake up at 6:30am and get ready til 7am, then we go have study time (MDT) in the clase' (spanish for class) till 8:15am then we go eat breakfast til 8:45am. (I hate the food here... it gives me crazy gas*!) Then we climb the 5 flights of stairs again to get to the clase' and are taught until lunch at 1pm. After lunch we have gym. I play soccer. It's fun. Then we shower and get ready for class with is at 3:20pm where we are taught again til 6pm. Then we have dinner and after that there is study time (MDT) again until 9pm in clase'. After that we plan for the next day and get ready for bed, exercise and all that jazz. I found an exercise buddy...so ya. OK as for the memory card, am I supposed to send that in a regular envelope or a special one? I'll try to take more pics before then.
Love ya always,
Elder Schupple

Today's email:
Hello again thanks everyone for the letters they are all great. OK we'll start with moms questions. the hardest thing to get used to out here has been the language. the coolest thing here is the spirit its just always here its great. i have not tried the OJ but it doesn't really matter because i still have gas regardless. I'm not a fan of the food because i think that's whats been giving me gas, uh i kinda found someone i knew this kid from BYU that Kara knew but it was just like a hi bye thing. i saw the schrecs 2day..... ha ok so elder Schrec yelled, "Elder Schupple!" in the lunch room so I turn around see him and give him a hug, as i do this he loses control of his lunch tray and it goes down my leg! I felt so bad cuz he at first just put his hand out for a shake and i gave him a hug. I don't know what i was thinking sometimes I'm just not to bright. so ya I fell really bad about that and now i gotta get my pants dry cleaned. uh what else ....no surprises really its pretty much what i expected it to be. Mom thanks for all the spiritual thoughts at the end of your letters they are great and i really appreciate them. The Spanish gizmo you gave me I haven't really even touched but I'm sure i will in the near future I'v just been making flash cards. Up to this week the language has been really hard and I've been kinda frustrated with myself but its ok cuz i know the lord will bless me. This week something clicked and i can understand a lot more and speak a little more. Its great! I have a lot to be thankful for. Heavenly father has blessed me a lot so while yawl are asking him to bless me, also thank him for the blessings hes given me thus far. Thanks for all your prayers everyone. I feel heavenly fathers love thru your prayers every day. That's one thing that is really new to me. I have never felt his love like i have the past three weeks. Teaching his love for us has made me realize and feel how much he really cares about us...that and prayer. We pray a lot out here. Before I hadn't liked doing it so much. But I know now that he answers pretty much every prayer i say, Thank goodness Heavenly Father loves us and answers out prayers. I'd be in some serious trouble if he didn't. OK i gotta email others now and stuff. I love you all. God loves you more and the Savior knows what we are going thru so just lean on him when you're not strong.
Love elder Schupple

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