Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stake Conference with Pres Eyring & Elder Perry

Sounds like girls camp came at the right time. It is a nice break for you just to get away and do your thing. Challenges come to help us we just have to find what we need to do better. It was so great to hear about Scotty's fare well talk. Sounds like hes doing great and I'm sure he will be a great missionary. This week was pretty good. This new investigator we have is great. Shes the wife of an inactive guy. Shes 17 and hes 23 and they already have an 8 month year old kid. Wow huh? I thought that was pretty crazy. That's only a year older than Jackie. So ya but shes way awesome. Her name is Micaela. Could someone tell me how to work this chip you sent me so i can see the videos because its not working even on the computer. So help please. I wanna see them. Yesterday was stake conference and we had it via satelite and Pres Eyring and

Elder Perry spoke to us. It was way cool to have that just for us. Hope everyone is doing well back at home. Don't forget to pray and read your scriptures and go to the temple.

love Elder Schupple

P.S. ha ya that is me but i have no idea what is on my lip. [Another missionary mom posted some pictures of the last transfer meeting. She and her husband were down in Argentina picking up their son who had finished his mission]

Her lens is prob dirty or something cuz thats def me but i didnt have anything on my lip and ill work on the pics. [referring to the last set of birthday pictures...I (mom) had asked him to resend them because he sent them as thumbnail size]

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