Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, December 14, 2009

Service project for handicap kids

Happy B-day Keira! I cant believe how big she is getting... every day bigger and bigger. In the one pic with mom, she looks like Kayla. And wow that is quite the set for the Christmas pageant. I hope everything goes well with that. As for the Christmas phone call I think it will probably be at like 3 or 4 depending on who calls first, which will probably be him, we will talk more about it this week and ill get the precise hour.
Today was an awesome day, we did a service project in a school for handicap kids. We played soccer with them and sang/played the guitar with them. There was an elder who was really good at drawing and he spent the entire time drawing the kids (he had a big line). Then i busted out the pics of the fam, and everyone just swarmed me. It was so funny... they would take the pics out of the album and all that stuff. I had such a fun time being with all of them. Then there was this girl in a wheelchair, and she would not stop looking at me. So i talked to her for a while and then moved on to another station. Ha... well she talked to my zone leader Elder Trent and said, "I like that one. Will you go tell him?" Ha... so he came over and told me. We both laughed and we kept switching stations. I started playing soccer and my other zone leader came up to me and said that girl in the wheel chair wants to talk to you, so i went over and she just said, "you play soccer very badly, you need to think more." So i asked her, "About what?" and she said "I dont know. What are you thinking about right now?".... I was like, "I dont know...I guess my nieces." and she got mad and started rolling away. So I ask her what I should think about and she just pointed to herself and says, "Me" Ha!... it was funny. She is 13 and her name is valeria. She didn't want to talk to me after that and every time i would look over at her she would look away really fast. Ha! Oh goodness. It was a funny experience. Then we handed out presents (some wards from the states sent us 2 suitcases full of presents and the 2 zones with the best service projects got to hand them out... we won) It was really nice to see these kids get a present each. It makes me sad to think that it might be the only present they receive this Christmas. I was so happy to spend a little time with them. They are all such angels.
As for my favorite scripture, I think it might be d&c 82:10 or 58:26-30 where the lord says, "Who is he to justify sin?" It is a very interesting scripture that made me think.
Good luck with the pageant. I'm sure you all will do great. Sorry this is so short the computer is giving me problems. I'll send pics next week cuz this one doesn't have the usb port.
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David B. Farstead said...

Found your blog from the Buenos Aires South Facebook page. I was in Glew 15 years ago for Christmas. What an amazing place. Looks like Elder Schupple has a better apartment than we had.

Wish him all the best.