Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, October 13, 2008

1st Baptismal date, BBQs, Movie stars, Fights in the streets

So this past week has been kinda hard but still way fun. Its a whole new world down here but I love it. Its way cool. Right now I'm loving Bolivians more than the Argentines cuz we are in a Bolivian area... so ya its fun. The language is way hard but I'm starting to understand a little more :) Ok first things first: Mom- one pair of shoes have cracked and give me crazy blisters under my toes so I've stopped wearing those. I went to the other ones, the ones I usually wear to church. They aren't very comfortable and rub against both of my big toes so they are a little.... reddish but so far they don't hurt so esta bien. Also just a small thing that doesn't really matter but the cd player doesnt really work. I dont know what its deal is. I turn it on and all that stuff but it doesn't wanna play any of the cds. Hmm what else....I don't know what to say cuz the only ones who wrote me this week were Jackie and Kara. Uh concerning pics, I have to download them onto a cd and send them soon. Sorry I'm not more on top of things but I just haven't had time to think about it.
Well this week was very exciting. I have my first fecha (baptismal date ) :) so I am way excited for that. Elder Tingey really wants to baptize so hes a great driving force always saying "dale dale" or come on! come on! We walk a lot. Its good stuff.... kinda. We also took away liquor and cigarettes from a member having a hard time with the word of wisdom, so that was fun. We had 2 asados (BBQs) this week, they were both amazing. One of them was cuz we did some service for this recent convert named David. We helped clean his yard. I ripped down a bunch of stickery ivy things from his wall, so now I have hives and a bunch of scratches. Its very itchy but it was fun... so good stuff :) Then we ran into 2 new investigators as we were walking down the street to our other investigators house. A couple of older couples stopped us and just started rambling on about how we looked like movie stars and how we looked so great. Ha! It was very funny. Then there was another time when we were in this ville (ghetto) looking for an inactive family but couldn't find them so we stopped and asked directions. As we were doing that we saw a fight. It was interesting. We didn't get to see much cuz it moved into a yard with a big wall but we heard lots of glass breaking and yelling. The lady we were talking to just shrugged and said "Those dang drug addicts are gunna kill each other now." Ha... OK then! We got a return appointment with her so we have to go back. I'm kinda scared but also excited :) Good stuff. Well I don't know what else to say so i guess I'll talk to ya in a week.

Love Elder Schupple

P.S. By the way, sending pics thru these emails works... so send some! :) I wanna see everyone. I cant remember if I told you last week but everyone here loves pics. Every time I'm over they always say tiene photos? ha si aqua :) I love it! Its so much fun.

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