Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, October 20, 2008

Shoe issues, rough week, primary kids mutiny

Hey I got letters today! I received one snail mail and a bunch of Dear Elder.com pouch letters. Thank you everyone for writing to me. I wished I had time to write personal notes to everyone, but thanks everyone for the letters and emails. Keep it up! I loved the pics of the girls. I wish I could print them off but o well. Uh oh about the shoes ya just another pair of Eccos. I guess they are what my comp has so ya. Do i need to send the old ones back? If it helps we walk a lot. They get wet and muddy and we walk a lot on like glass and sharp rocks. Also its getting very hot and very humid. Hope that helps. Shoot I'm so sorry I forgot my other memory card, the one I have right now doesn't fit in this computer. So ill try to figure something out. Well today was pday and we had a mission soccer tournament, :) My zone won (all because of me :) Ha! not really I'm terrible) but ya I'm extremely sun burnt and now very tired.

Our baptism date was moved back a week, but we ran across this family who is way interested in the gospel. It was crazy cuz it was just a casual contact. We were stood up by an apt we had so we just went next door because the family was sitting out so Elder Tingey starts talking to them for a half hour. We left them with a BOM :) So hopefully that leads to something cuz it was a rough week. We were dropped by a family of four, because they said Sac meeting was too loud and not family oriented enough. Ya it was a big bummer, the dang ward is really loud during sac meeting, nobody sits with their fam and ya they just talk the entire time. So that was a bummer. Then I had my first bible bashing experience which lasted way longer than it should have and ya it led to nothing.

That's way cool you have a Chinese lady living with you. She looks way nice, and to answer your question about the food-- No the food is way sweeter here, everyone is missing teeth. Its kinda gross but o well i guess. Ha! OK so I'm sorry I'm starting to get random but this past Sunday was Mothers day and in sac meeting when the kids where supposed to go up and sing there was like a mutiny! Almost all the kids wouldn't go up so there was like four kids up there singing! And all the moms were in their seats telling their kids to go up there and sing to me. It made me laugh. I think the ipod is in my room in the brown dresser top left shelf. Just an FYI--I still cant speak castllano spanish but I'm starting to understand a little more.... slowly but surely its coming. Well I gotta go.

Love you all lots

Elder Schupple

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