Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Book of Mormon miracles

Happy early Bday mom and yes I got the package. It was a wonderful surprise, and is Joe Mcgrath going on a mission if so where? Brad is looking very..... scary in his Halloween costume. Did he go out with some friends or go trick or treating or just use that in the house? Other than that all those pics are so great. I cant believe Bobby and the Cluff boy are already home and that Steve Branham will be back in just a few months! This is crazy! Time is going way fast, and how great that you saw Mrs Miller and Mrs. Rosko... def 2 of the nicest ladys on the planet!
OK I have a lot to type and very little time to do it so lets get started. So we went to Cristina's (the house fire/ book of mormon lady) this past week and got to know her. She said she had been listening to the elders a couple years ago and then for some reason stopped. She told us that the other day when she stopped us she had seen us a few blocks away and really wanted to talk to us about her Book of Mormon experience and stuff but decided not to because we were 2 or 3 streets ahead of her and she was a little embarrassed too. But as we kept walking she said we were taking the same streets she had to take to go to her house and when we stopped and clapped a nearby house (another investigators house that wasnt there for our appointment) she came closer and closer and really wanted to say something so the girl she was with helped her out and told her to just talk to us so she did. And now here we are passing by her house and teaching her whole family who all love the Book of Mormon. The amazing part of this story is that the night Elder Holladay and I got lost and were looking for this other investigators house I was so frustrated at the time. I have been in Ezeiza for 7 months now and I know my area very well and so at the time I could not believe that I was lost. Little did I know we were supposed to get lost so this lady could follow us and now listen to this wonderful gospel again. God works in mysterious ways. When she told me what had happened and I told her how we had gotten lost she told me another story of how a while back she had a dream, and in this dream there were a bunch of religious books. She said that a hand (she thought it was the hand of God) took her hand and put in on the Book of Mormon. This lady has had so many experiences and answers regarding the Book of Mormon and she started sharing her testimony of it with us. It was a very cool experience this past week. It was just a great testimony boost on how I know the Book of Mormon is true. I really hope I stay for another transfer so I can see them get baptized.
Hope everyone is doing great and all is well at home, your all in my prayers.
elder schupple
PS: tell Brad to write me! dang it!

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Venna said...

What a great story! Miracles do happen! Aren't missions and missionaries GREAT! Keep on keeping on Elder Schupple!