Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, November 23, 2009

Transferred to Glew with Elder Acuna/ Ezezia farewell

OK the monitor in this computer place doesn't really work well. It works...but you just have too keep your finger on the button the entire time to see anything so I will be typing this letter blind this week. First of all to answer your question about the packages no I have never had to pay tarrifs and 2nd thing I was transferred which is sad but it happens. I am now in an area called Glew with a Chilean elder named Elder Acuña, so I'm kinda excited to be able to speak just Spanish now. I'm excited for that.
But lets not get ahead of ourselves. First of all this past week was absolutely awesome. It started when we went to Cristina's house and her husband was finally there. He wasn't very happy. He sat down lit a cigarette and started telling us all the stuff that Cristina had already told us. But he was a little more angry about it. He was mad at god and just everything and everyone, telling us about how many houses of his have fallen down and burned down . So we listened to him talk. After a bunch of this he said he started using cocaine to release the pain and just a whole bunch of bad stuff. Luckily he said he stopped doing that and now he just smokes a lot. On top of all this he is a taxi driver and his car isn't running very well so he's losing a lot of money. So we looked at his book of mormon that was saved from the fire and opened up to Helaman 5: 12. He read it and started crying and got a lot more calm and said wow tthis is talking exactly to me. We had to go to another sita (appointment) but promised him blessings if he would read and pray. The next time we went back with my camera he wasn't there so that was a bummer. We only got a picture with the rest of his family and the book of mormon. I'm sending a whole bunch of pics of people that I'll miss from Ezeiza. When I told the bishop I was leaving, he had me bear my testimony in Sacrament meeting. After that meeting we all went to our classes and during priesthood or at the end of priesthood we started to sing God Be With You Till We Meet Again. Suddenly, the entire ward started flooding into our room. Everyone was singing this song. It was such a cool experience. I felt so loved. After the closing prayer they gave me a bunch of letters and drawings and hugs saying how much they will miss me and how they were grateful for the work I had done in Ezeiza. It was hard leaving Ezeiza.... pretty much everyone cried. I just felt so loved and appreciated.
As for Elder Bednar's visit.... that was a very very cool experience. We were told before hand to read 2 talks from him and then come up with questions to ask him. There were a couple of very good questions and he answered them all of them with just the strongest spirit. When I come home I'll have to open up my journal and show you the notes I took. The first question was a very personal one and he asked us if we would like the true answer. If we did we couldn't write the answer home because there are moms out there that take their missionaries emails and put them on the internet and he didn't want it to be so public. So he took the vote of who wanted the straight forward answer and of course everyone raised their hands "Yes". So he made us promise not to write it home. So I'm honoring my promise and you'll all just have to wait 8 more months till I get home to look in my journal and see what he said :) Torture huh?! :) Well that's pretty much it, I gotta go. Ill take pics of my new area and send it to you cuz it looks like a really pretty area.
'Hope everything's going well at home. You're all in my prayers. I love you all!
Elder Schupple

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Venna said...

How fun to see these pics! Made my day since I didn't get any with my email this time! Lookin' good Elder Schupple!