Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, February 15, 2010

Transfers today...staying in Platanos with Elder Palmer!

Transfers today and I will be staying with Elder Palmer which is good cuz he keeps me on the ball. Im really excited to still be in Platanos.  We had a pretty good transfer (the past 6 weeks) and we are expecting to have an even better one this transfer. This week actually was worse than last week because after I got better Elder Palmer got sick.  So I tried to go out with members but its really hard to get people during working hours.  He was sick until Friday.   However we had an experience this past week that was kind of like your experience with your investigator out there. SO...We got this referral from the wife of the 2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency (they live in our area) and it was supposed to be a golden couple who just lost their 18 year old son in a car accident.  So we looked at our map and and realized that they lived a half a block out of our area, so I called the zone leaders to ask them  if we could teach them regardless.. They said no, so I called the Stake Presidency wife back and told her that because it was out of our area we would have to give it to the elders in the next area.  So I passed the referral on and thought that was that. Well that night at 11:30 as I was sleeping and the phone went off. It was the Stake Presidency member of the wife who had called.  He asked who he was talking to so I told him it was me, and then he just started chewing me out saying that his wife had called the elders in the next area but had to schedule and reschedule and reschedule the appointment because these elders had other appointments--the first time they had a wedding to go to, then the next cita they had a baptismal interview, then the next cita they had to plan for the wedding party. Well she got frustrated and told her husband so he called me, and the stake president. His conversation with me was interesting saying he didnt care what set of elders were at the cita tomarrow at 4pm as long as someone was there. So I told him that we would be there.  He said thanks and good night, so i wrote the cita (appointment) down in my agenda, and went back to sleep.  Half hour later, the zone leaders called me up saying the stake president called them and told someone to be at the cita, so they gave us permission to go. Goodness it was a crazy night and I didnt sleep much. So ya i thought of your story when this happened. FRUSTRATING!!!
Then today was crazy too.  We missed the transfer meeting because the trains stopped because someone had gotten hit by a train a couple stations down. So we waited a little and decided to just call a taxi. The taxi finally came about 45 mins later, and we were off until it broke down like 2 miles away from where we started, so the guy called another taxi and  we were off again.  Well we were almost there and THAT taxi broke down.  So we got out and started pushing. We finally got there at 11:30... just in time to watch everyone walk out of the chapel. Thankfully I still got to say hi to friends and old comps like Elder Jones (who was just made Assistant :) eat at Burger King and  play soccer.  Now I am dead.  I havnt been this tired for a long time and I dont even know why.

So ya that was my week in a nutshell. Hope your weeks were good, love you all so much
Elder Schupple

P.S. Brad:  As I was saying hi to friends at transfer meeting this girl came up to me and just pointed at me with her mouth wide open saying ¨Elder Schupple!  I know you!" ( I was with Elder Holladay at the time so I just leaned in to him and said..."uhhhh who is this girl?") Ha! She whipped out her camera and said she knew Kristin Rock and Brad. So ya that was fun.
P.S.S.  I have pics but this dang computer doesnt want to take my camera. so next week.

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