Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, April 19, 2010

Platanos--the place of miracles

The Zone
Andre and his girlfriend who is getting baptized 1 year after Elder Schupple 
suggested he give her a Book of Mormon
Andre is the son of the Stake President 
Heriberta's baptism
Elder Chavez & Schupple
Cute kid
Elder Connolly, E. Schupple, E. Palmer
Elder Connolly & Elder Palmer

Im so glad to hear that everything is going great at home. Thanks a lot for the help with school stuff mom. Do we know where we will live? I dont think living with Elder Jones will be the best thing now.  We talked today and it would be far for both of us if we roomed together so just look for something closer to UVU or something like that. And I dont want to be a Debby Downer or anything like that but I dont really know if I want to do choir either, since I've been here Ive kinda lost my voice from the lack of singing, and its not as fun as it used to be.
As for this fast week, it was pretty good, we took out a bap date with this 40 year old guy that has a problem with worshiping a saint that is only here in Argentina (San gauchito gil) He isnt a saint recognized by the Catholic church or anything like that cuz he really didnt do anything except rob from the poor. So ya we are trying to get him to stop praying to him, so we will see how that goes. As for this upcoming week we should have a decent amount of success.  We have good plans and hopefully we will baptize the husband of Heriberta the lady we baptized 2 weeks ago (the pic that we are both in white). We both had to get into the font again because she has a problem walking and we wanted to make sure she would be ok so ya we both got wet. However, after the baptism and blessing we gave her she has been walking great. Platanos is the place where miracles happen :) or at least where Ive seen the most miracles in my mission. 
Another thing that happened was when we were having our meeting we have with our bishop every wed night he told us that somebody had come up to him in one of the meetings he had and said that the elders he has in Platanos are bad elders. When he told us this I was shocked and rather angry, but before I could say anything he said he defended us and said that he told this person that they were mistaken because his elders are some of the best hes had (this past sunday we had 135 people in sac meeting, a record for our bishop). So ya apparently this person had mistaken us with other elders.  It made us feel really good that the bishop would stand up for us and would say something like that.  The trust with the bishop is something we must have as missionaries yet so often do not have in the mission. So it was good to know that we have his trust. 
Sorry this is gunna be a short one but the pics slowed the computer down so this is all I can write.
Hope everythings going well at home.  Youre all in my prayers.  The church is true.
elder schupple
P.S. The pics are of the baptism and of Andres and his girlfriend from last weeks story.  I also got to see some old friends today-- Elder Connoly and Palmer. Good times!
P.S.S.. I want to minor in Spanish  if I can do that business and spanish thing that would be way cool.

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