Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, July 5, 2010

Argentina out of the World Cup/ The Work will be smoother!

Ha! 'Sounds like Utah is treating you all nicely except for the big old cut on Jackie's arm. [She ran into barbed wire playing in the night with friends] It sounds like she has some good friends and that is very important in the life of a 16 year old. But then again Jackie is one of the greatest and probably easiest of the 5 of us kids.
As for this past week the World Cup ended for Argentina [after losing to Germany] and that means the work is going to start going a lot smoother, which is good although there were quite a few unhappy people on Saturday. I was asked a couple times if I was German and I just said no, I was born in the states. This past week was a pretty good week... kinda normal, but now with the world cup being over for Argentina we should start having more success.

I dont know how much I've changed. I feel like the same person, happy and stuff. I guess we´ll see when I get home... hope your not dissapointed with how I come home after 2 years.

........ I was just thinking this email looks a lot shorter than how much i wrote then i realized it deleted half of the email i wrote..... grrr. there are some things i will not miss about argentina.

So yesterday we were in church in fast and testimony meeting and we were all enjoying the spirit of the meeting until this one lady got up and started sharing her life story which went on for about 10 mins. Finally the bishop slipped her a note telling her to end so other people could have a turn. Well she said, "You will all have to forgive me but this is how i bear my testimony," and she continues on. Well she started sharing a little about her past sins and when she went too far the bishop got up and told her to go sit down. He then bore his testimony about how testimonies can help other people. He also said that as bishop of the ward it was his duty to protect the ward and stuff. Well after he did that and sat down the meeting went a whole lot better. It was a good Sunday for our ward. We had 60 people come to church, which for our ward doubles the average of 30 that we usually have. Its really sad how many inactive members we have....all from grudges and being offended. We have an amazing bishop and I wished the members could just see him how we elders see him-- working and worrying a bunch about his ward members.
Sorry if the emails scattered--I'm being rushed.
I love you all very much, keep the faith going strong. You're all in my prayers.
elder schupple

[Here are a few pictures of family events.  Jackie's barbed wire injuries, Ashton at her chemotherapy and the 3 grandgirls at the 4th of July celebration]

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