Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Friday, September 19, 2008

Zone leader issues, Flight plans!

Hola familia and whoever else reads this :)
Well I'll start with the questions mom had: No i don't need anything. I think I'll be able to fit everything in my bags. Oh I got the package! Thanks by the way! We listened to Christmas songs today. It was awesome. The memory card pics were great... at least the ones I could see. There were some that the camera couldn't read. So that was a bummer but thanks.
OK so life has been interesting since becoming a zone leader. We don't get any time at night to do anything because we have interviews with all the district leaders and give abrazos (hugs) to everyone in the zone. By the time we are done we are late for bed-- which is a bummer because we arent being obedient to that rule. But we're try our best, so I think the Lord will understand. OK so other than that, being a zone leader isn't that hard. We have a lot of meetings on Sunday and we have to give the spiritual thought every priesthood meeting. This Sunday we get to teach all of it because the branch presidency will be at another meeting but esta bien. We are teaching about the scriptures so it wont be that hard. The hardest part will be preparing because our mdt has been cut short. But it ll be OK. This past week, on Monday we got our first trial. A younger elder really wanted to go home and almost did. So Elder Jones and I were stressing about that big time and praying really hard for him. His district had a fast for him. When he was packing his bags and was almost ready to go we thought all hope was lost. But then out of the blue he decided to stay! O my goodness Elder Jones and I were so relieved! Lots of thanks to Heavenly Father for that one. Other than that there are only a couple other problems. We have a district that has a hard time focusing and needs constant watch. So that's a bummer. We keep trying to motivate them but not much is helping right now. Other than that, we are over booked because the district older than us doesn't have their Visas so we have 57 people in our district now. So its interesting trying to watch over everyone especially since that district is starting to get tired of the MTC. They are constantly in our prayers along with the rest of the zone but its a little stressful at times. Pero esta bien-- everything will turn out OK because we are all in the Lords hands :) Its very comforting to know.
Lets, see...oh...Elder Jones has a fan of his voice. It's Sister Boone-- the mission presidents wife. So we have been spending some time with her lately. Shes trying to put him in as many meetings as possible. Its fun.
So I just heard from an elder in my district whos brother is in Argentina that about 1 out of 7 letters gets there so :) I hope I have internet!
Hey we just got our flight plans!!! :) Im excited, but not too much because the older district got their flight plans but didn't get their visas so we'll see. But it was way exciting to see that we will be out of here some day :)
love you all
elder schupple

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JoD said...

Hey Elder! It was great to hear from you. I knew you'd make a great leader. Keep up the good work, you are in our prayers. Love the O'Neals