Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

13th Transfer to Claypole/Elder Roy new comp

Sorry the new computer here in Claypole doesnt let me send pics so I'll try to find another one. Arg! How frustrating but no worries... all is well.
Yesterday we went around saying goodbye to Platanos by going to the bishops house for lunch.  We ate choripan.  Then we went to call home for Mothers Day.  Then we went to say goodbye to the Arocha family which was very sad.   Jimena, Gustavo and Santino cried. I recorded a video of them saying goodbye to me and it was very nice. I'm excited to be able to send the pics but no worries ill try to send them next week.
I love you all and hope you know your in my prayers.
elder schupple

[From the information from the Mothers Day call, Elder Schupple was transferred to Claypole...which is about 1 hour due west of Platanos .  His new companion's name is Elder Roy...also a Latin...and they both will be senior companions, with Austin acting as District Leader again in this new area.  With 2 transfers left in the mission--12 weeks--He was very sad to leave Platanos--one of his favorite areas of his mission.  Elder Schupple's 21st birthday is happening this Friday the 14th of May!  Happy Birthday!!!]  

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