Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, May 31, 2010

5 min prep Sac mtg talk/ Argentina celebrates 200 yrs

I am so sorry to hear about Ashton, she is for sure in my prayers. and hey congrats on getting a new dog haha! [3 yr old Ashton had a lump the size of a cantelope removed from her abdomen this past week...she got a new puppy when she got home from her 3 day stay in the hospital]

First of all, sorry if this email is lacking a little, because the key board is terrible... the g´s get stuck and a couple other letters.  I'm gunna try to go to a different place later on. But for now it'll just have to do.  First of all an elder in my district who is from St George wants to know what part we are moving to. Second of all, did dads funding come in or no?

Ha!  Yesterday we got to church and had our classes (we have classes before sac meeting) and when the second class ended  the secretary in the area came up to me and asked me if I could give a 15 minutes talk in sac meeting.  Sac mtg started in 5 mins and I was to be the first speaker. I said yes of course but I wasnt happy about it inside. I dont know if you guys remember how bad I was at giving talks at home but thats what I started thinking about when he asked me.  As it turns out, I dont get as nervous anymore which is a big blessing. I gave a talk on trials, and used Mosiah 24 and D&C 121 and 122.  It was a pretty good talk... kinda all over the place but not bad for only 5 mins of prep. So that was fun.  As for this last week it was a rough one because Argentina celebrated its 200 aniversary, so there were a lot of drunks and crazy people.

Im gunna have to write you guys on a different computer this ones killing me.


elder schupple

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