Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, May 24, 2010

Last conference with Pres Asay, Exchanges with Elder Steinkuler

First of all no, Ii dont think my comp needs a package... just a letter or dear elder would make his day.
As for this past week, it went by really fast and now we have good investigators that are progressing so its exciting. Im glad to hear everythings going good over there. Im very sorry to hear about toby, if you want you can just put him under right now.  I thought you had done it a while ago cuz i hadnt heard anything about him for a while. Whatever you guys want to do tho.
This past week we had our final zone conference with president Asay.  It was really sad.  I'm going to miss him a lot, but luckily I'll only be here with the new president for a month and a half. Its good tho that way I can get to know the new president as well. Tell Jackie congrats for graduating seminary.... and holy cow Brad looks great! In his pics he looks a lot bigger near his shoulders which is great, can you still see the bone? haha
Im sorry I forgot my camera today, I even took pics of me and my comp. As for the weather here, its been getting really hot then really cold then rain then hot then cold again, its giving me another cough which is a bummer but its just a little one so it shouldnt take long to get over.
We also went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week.  I got to go with Elder Steinkuler which was fun (we came together in case you dont remember but ya it was fun being able to see how much each of us has grown and how we teach, i enjoyed it a lot.)
I hope the move goes well you are all in my prayers, the church is true. Keep going on with a smile and trust that everything will be alright.
elder schupple

P.S. SWEET [about how many cousins and family members will be up in the Orem/Provo area]  I love that! ha that will be so much fun, I am really happy about the decision about UVU.  Elder Jones is pumped to do stuff together, along with Steve Kara and me.  Its good stuff.  I'm excited. Missi is going to be in college?????? and Amanda and Valerie???? What the junk?!  I remember them being so small and now I might be dating girls their age.... wow

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