Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, June 14, 2010

New investigators!...and then the World Cup came/ Eating guinee pig

Ashton and the rest of the family are all in my prayers.  Keep the faith strong, its a rough situation but I know she´ll be ok because she's strong.  I cant wait to see her soon.

This week started off really great-- On Monday we were able to take out 3 new baptismal dates, and we found a really great new family. So that was a great start of the week but then the weekend rolled around and everything stopped when it was Argentina's turn to play in the World Cup in South Africa.  Well they played and won 1-0... but that wasnt the end of the people being unreceptive.  They... and when I say "they" I mean investigators AND members wouldnt let us in.  The World Cup started and businesses shut down, and the streets were empty.  It was incredible! I couldnt believe how fast everyone got inside, and from then on we just heard shouts from inside houses and fire works and a whole bunch of stuff.  Then the game ended and the partying started.  It was crazy!  It made the work hard but it could have been worse... apparently the U.S. tied England which was a pretty big deal here cuz everyone says the States are terrible at soccer and England's amazing so that made me feel good about my country.

As for wierd things I ate this week...Well we ate with Elder Velazquez again and he made a special dish for Elder Stienkuhlers B-day. Ya...and guess what we ate....... GUINEE PIG!  I have to send you the pics because they are nuts!  I'll try to find another cyber that will let me send pics later on in the day. I didnt really like it that much the skin was too chewy.

As for the investigators  we found...One man named  Jorge and his wife let us in to teach his kids but Jorge pretty much took over the lesson (this was a contact btw) and taught our lesson!  I was like, "Wow where did you learn all that?"  He said he had listened to the elders a while back and read the Book of Mormonn and thought it was a book of God, so we happily talked more with him and his son Christian 17 and his nephew 24.  It was a great lesson and we are excited to go back.

Love you all so much and i will send pics today...I have a bunch.


elder schupple

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