Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, June 21, 2010

Last transfer--Staying in Claypole with Elder Roy/Soccer craze/Last day with Pres & Sis Asay & Bro & Sis Fitz

Yes today was transfers and I'm staying with Elder Roy. Today we were all together in transfer meeting and my group all started talking about how fast time has flown. It has gone by really fast and doesnt really feel like its going to end. This past week was pretty crazy with Argentina winning it's soccer games at the World Cup and everything going on.  The Argentine people are going crazy. Ive been enjoying the different culture of people going crazy for soccer. In spite of it, this week we had a little success going with members and helping the ward members. We also found a lady named Fanni who is progressing nicely, so we will see how that goes. As to answer your questions about who and if the little pigs [guinee pigs] are common  in Elder Velazques country... the answer is yes and they are one of his favorite foods in Peru.  He had a member in his ward kill the things although his companion and I wanted to do it.  However, it was probably better that way cuz I probably would have backed out at the last second. The pics of St George look great and it looks like everyone is having a great time. The poop pics are from Sunday--A family played a joke on me and my companion.  They put that hidious thing in the middle of the fruit for desert and I almost threw up, it was so nasty.

Other than that, today was the last day we are going to be with President Asay and Sister Asay, and Bro and Sis Fitch. I cant believe they are going.  It was an emotional meeting and wow i just cant believe they are leaving. Im really grateful for the service they gave and for the love they showed for us. Definitely the best mission president and wife and finance/secretary. The Fitchs live close to UVU and I plan on visiting them every once in a while, along with Pres and Sis Asay.  A total mission picture of everybody was taken today.  We will just have to wait to get a copy of it.

Hope it was a great week for everybody esspecially the fathers.


elder schupple

happy fathers day
p.s.  Oh mom...what's the schedule for the days in Chicago?  Do I get a day with old friends???? Por favor :)

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