Elder Schupple

Elder Schupple

Monday, June 28, 2010

Total Mission Pic/World Cup trials/Sac mtg talk

If i could shave my head [in support of his 3 yr old neice, Ashton, who is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer] I would but I cant however  Ashton has all the prayers I can ever give her though and I hope she can feel the love that I have for her.

I am really sorry to hear about Toby, thats sad he was a really good dog, but im glad hes not suffering anymore.

As for this past week, it was interesting, yesterday when we were in the streets at about 4 oclock, we were startled to hear everyone in their houses just start screaming.  Then the startled feelings quickly went away and we got very scared because we had to start dodging fireworks that people were celebrating with [Argentina won their next soccer game and they continue to advance to the World Cup finals]. We were able to find a member that doesnt like soccer and chilled with them until the game ended. This Saturday they are going to play Germany (whom, during the last World Cup they were eliminated by, so everyones looking for revenge) Its also going to be complicated because a lot of people look at me and my last name and ask if I'm German.  So this week I will be telling lots of people how American I am....and since the USA is out of the runnings.... "Go Argentina!" 

Yesterday I had to give another talk.  I gave it on missionary work and how the members need to help the missionaries.  I thought it went pretty well. The bishop came up to me afterwards and said that he thought that was just what the members needed--a talk like that.  So I think it went pretty well.

This past week I got my flight plans and it said I was supposed to tell you everything about it but you knew before me so I dont think I need to repeat it.  It also said to make sure we set up a time with the stake president so i can be released when i get home. Other than that, people keep telling how little time I have and I keep saying "yup", but it doesnt feel like im going home yet, its kinda wierd.

Hope everythings going well over there.  I love you guys so much, and am praying for you every day.


elder schupple

p.s. btw the computer doesnt want to accept my camera so ill see if i can find another cyber.   But today we went to La Plata and visited the largest catholic cathedral in South America.  I took a bunch of pics to so I'll try to get those off soon.

p.s.s. And btw if you wanted me to buy soccer jerseys for everyone they cost about 15 dollars each. You can order them on ebay maybe for cheaper and probably better quality because these ones are all nockoffs. but ya about 15 each. Just let me know.

p.s.s.s  Here is the last picture of the all of the missionaries with the Asay's.  I got it off of Elder Jones' email he just sent.

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